Hot Wheels 2011 Kmart Mail In - Convoy Custom

there you go, one of the most beautiful convoy custom that's being release by mattel to date - 2011 Kmart Mail In Convoy Custom.

click on pic to view in bigger size.

notice that there will be another 3 collectors edition cars that going to be release in this year - 69 Charger Funny Car (July in Toys-R-Us), Volkswagen T1 Dragbus (Sept in KMART), Blown Delivery (Nov in KMART). Will definetely get my hand on these cars when they are realease. hehe.

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no way one is enough for me when it's Convoy Custom! :p

below pic specially dedicated to my friend kurz. :p


Parcel from Ebay - 2011/05/06

first of all for those that frequently vistied my blog, i'm sorry that i have not been actively updating my blog recently. been very very busy with work and family recently. but that doesn't stop me from hunting the cars from ebay. :p

here are some of the things that i collected from the post office last week.

this are the contents in one of the box. this seller deserve a credit for such an excellent job in packaging all the items. will definetely buy more from him in future. hehe.

click on below to review the content of all parcel. hehe

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some hightlight. :)

the lightweight items.

the middleweight items. lol. i love monster jam. we used to get the monster jam series in the past but mattel has decided to stop distributing it in our country since 2009. shame on you mattel! :(

the heavyweight items. those are 2011 collector convention convoy custom and school busted, and 2010 brazil convention VW fastback.

all the items in those 4 parcels!

some of the items are for sales, but i don't have time to sort them out yet to put in my sales thread in forum.... =.=""