What will you do?

if you stumble upon this pile hot wheels case, what will you do? jumping and dancing in joy? thanks God of hot wheels you finally stuck 'gold'? lol.

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well this is what i stumble upon today, the biggest pile of hot wheels cases that i have seen so far after 3 years of collecting hot wheels. it was really shock to me to see such a huge quantity of restock in this hypermarket. there are at least 50 cases up there!

N and M indicated that this is the latest wave that's been restock in our shore recently. So what will you do? pull a chair start taking down those box by your self? claim 'customer is always right' and open up ALL the box one by one even without asking permission? 'sapu' (hoard) all the TH and other hot car from the box?

if you want to 'explore' those box, please ask the permission from the staff first ya. don't be like some of those DESPERATE collector that trespassing into the hypermarket store room without permission, or start digging out the box and leave a mess of it. understand that 'customer is always right', but i'm sure you don't want to end up beeing escorted out by security or beeing ban from entering the hypermarket again, right?

so guess what i do when i saw those boxes? well believe it or not, i just select some of the cars from the pegs without even touching a single box of those. lol. too much hasle to take down those boxes just for a few car that i want.

so for you that have been looking new restock, you can try your luck in this hypermarket. but from the look of the boxes seems like all has been opened up. so don't put high hope for those hot car like skyline R32 and honda civic ya.

oh ya almost forgot, where is this hypermarket? :)
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jeng jeng jeng! Carefour Ampang.

happy hunting!


Hot Wheels 2011 Premiere - Aston Martin One-77 (Grey)

i pickup this aston martin one-77 recently from the hot wheels restock in our shore. i must say it's a very cool car and a must have for all supercars lover!

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posing with it's cousin behind - aston martin DBS.

the only setback of this car is lack of detailing at the rear. but it's still an awesome car. get yours now especially it's been restock now in our shore before it's too late. happy hunting! :)


Hot Wheels 2011 Cars Of Decades - 69 Mustang

i wasn't a hot wheels 69 mustang collector, but this hot wheels 69 mustang from 2011 cars of decades series really catches my eyes when i first saw it.

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first thing that you'll notice when you hold the car in your hand is the weight of the car. It's heavy! the colour combination and the tampo really blend well, making even a non 69 mustang collector like me hard to resist.

click on pic to view in bigger size.

did you know the front hood can be opened to reveal the engine? :D

a family pics before it all gone to their new respective owner very soon.


Hot Wheels 2011 Nostalgia Master Of The Universe - Dairy Delivery

the new hot wheels nostalgia series has landed in our country recently. the first wave in this series is master of the universe, which the dairy delivery being the most highly sought after casting among 8 different casting that come in this wave.

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click on individual pic to see it in larger size.

the roof too plain, wasted all the spaces....

the back of read "california - SKLTR (skalator)"

selling with the price of RM19.90, i'm still undecided whether to collect all the other casting that came in this series or just selected casting. Well, will see how it goes later.


Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline - Your Verdict?

how much would you pay for this nissan skyline?

and how about this one?

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i stumble upon a listing of above 2 nissan skyline bid in ebay recently. guess how much a person is willing to pay for the above loose skyline?

see here:

and here:

So what do you think will be the fair price for those skyline? And all this while you think the TH$ nissan skyline is the most expensive nissan skyline eh? LOL.

Anyway, luckily i don't need to go through the bidding war cause i already have both of them! :p enjoy the pic!


Parcel from Ebay - 2011/06/07

it's has been a while since i last update my blog.... i have been very very busy with work and family. but this still doesn't stop me from buying thing from ebay. :p

today one parcel that i've been anticipating for few weeks finally arrived to me. but look the the shipping cost.... @.@"

open sesame! this seller pack all the item into the box till the max.

the bottom layer (after removing the first layer items), all are nicely arrange to fully utilise the spaces. kudos to this seller!

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all the items in the box.

top view.

side view. click on pic to see it in bigger view.

almost complete my hot wheels monster jam duo from this one single purchase. lol. i was very lucky indeed manage to get almost all the monster jam duo from this single seller, plus all in loose! i always prefer to buy my hot wheels in loose rather than carded. not only it's cheaper, it save space and cheaper to ship too. and the best thing about this purchase is no body really fight bid with me! got some of the monster jam duo for only $2.99. good deal eh!


Hot Wheels 2011 Kmart Mail In - Convoy Custom

there you go, one of the most beautiful convoy custom that's being release by mattel to date - 2011 Kmart Mail In Convoy Custom.

click on pic to view in bigger size.

notice that there will be another 3 collectors edition cars that going to be release in this year - 69 Charger Funny Car (July in Toys-R-Us), Volkswagen T1 Dragbus (Sept in KMART), Blown Delivery (Nov in KMART). Will definetely get my hand on these cars when they are realease. hehe.

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no way one is enough for me when it's Convoy Custom! :p

below pic specially dedicated to my friend kurz. :p


Parcel from Ebay - 2011/05/06

first of all for those that frequently vistied my blog, i'm sorry that i have not been actively updating my blog recently. been very very busy with work and family recently. but that doesn't stop me from hunting the cars from ebay. :p

here are some of the things that i collected from the post office last week.

this are the contents in one of the box. this seller deserve a credit for such an excellent job in packaging all the items. will definetely buy more from him in future. hehe.

click on below to review the content of all parcel. hehe

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some hightlight. :)

the lightweight items.

the middleweight items. lol. i love monster jam. we used to get the monster jam series in the past but mattel has decided to stop distributing it in our country since 2009. shame on you mattel! :(

the heavyweight items. those are 2011 collector convention convoy custom and school busted, and 2010 brazil convention VW fastback.

all the items in those 4 parcels!

some of the items are for sales, but i don't have time to sort them out yet to put in my sales thread in forum.... =.=""


Hot Wheels 2011 Nightburnerz - Nissan 350Z (White)

Today feature one of the hot wheels casting that still very elusive in our local shore till now - 2011 Nightburnerz Nissan 350z (White).

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while i post this nissan 350z pic, suddently one question came into my mind. if you happend to stumble upon the 2011 regular treasure hunt pontiac gto and this nissan 350z (assuming that you don't have any of those 2 cars) but you only have enough money to buy 1 car, which one will you buy? hehe.


Hot Wheels And Matchbox Haul - 2011/04/08

here are some of the hot wheels and matchbox cars that i pickup from 7-Eleven and various store locally. this time is really bought locally ya. :p

for hot wheels, the morris mini is the hardest one to find. not because of limited restock, but people is hoarding (yes i really mean hoarding!) dozen and dozen of the morris mini as can be seen from the posting in our local forum. all are so proud to be able to find so many mini....

as for matchbox, there are some new matchbox wave that's been restock in 7E now. the matchbox new wave do come with some very nice cars. i was quite surprise to see the quick sander and lotus evora in 7E as i do not see any people posted this 2 cars in their recent purchase from 7E.

did you guys stumble upon this quick sander and lotus evora often in 7E? i know i don't because so far i only see them once from around 15 7E that i visited.