Hot Wheels 2011 Premiere - Aston Martin One-77 (Grey)

i pickup this aston martin one-77 recently from the hot wheels restock in our shore. i must say it's a very cool car and a must have for all supercars lover!

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posing with it's cousin behind - aston martin DBS.

the only setback of this car is lack of detailing at the rear. but it's still an awesome car. get yours now especially it's been restock now in our shore before it's too late. happy hunting! :)


shaz @ kurz said...

eh new style ke?
only white background now?

kuku said...

ya very lazy now days. lol. white background is the easiest. haha! :p

ronnychee96@hobbiescorner said...

arrghhh! After seeing this....i must say...I WANT 1 pcs....pls!! Eheheh! Thanks!

mushr00m said...

Nice one bro.. I bought one to..
To my surprise, it was an error.. it was not rivetted..
Should have not uncarded it.. demm..

kuku said...

CKH - ok bro put one piece into your box already. :)

mushroom - i never seen un-rivetted error in blister. you should have keep it and demand ransom from raymond. haha!

mushr00m said...

that is why la.. was looking a a loose piece cannot find..
Saw some places restocked and decided to get one, when took it out, didn't realised it was unrivetted until my nephew played with it.. demm..