Hot Wheels Haul - 2010/07/27

here are all the hot hot cars that i grab from that hypermarket to few days ago.

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click on individual pic to see the it in bigger size.

Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) and 2010 Aston Martin DBS

Lamborghini Reventon and Lamborghini Garllardo LP 560-4

2009 Corvette Stingray Concept and 2008 Lancer Evolution

Mazda Furai and Riley & Scott MK III

Bone Shaker and Volkswagen SP2

Rapid Response and Rescue Ranger

all cool and hot cars eh? hehe.


Hot Hot Cars wave!

Here is my haul today, the same wave that I sported 2 weeks ago in one of the hypermarket.

There are a lot of hot and nice super cars in this wave such as:
- 2008 lancer evolution (2 pcs per case)
- lamborghini reventon (2 pcs per case)
- Lamborghini Gallardo (3 pcs per case)
- 2010 aston martin DBS (3 pcs per case)
- Nissan skyline gt-r (R34) (3 pcs per case)

Guarantee you’ll burn a hole in your wallet if you don’t control your buying. lol.

well there is actually one interesting story behind my haul today.

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I stumble upon 4 cartons of hw cases coded “KB” stacking on a pallet laying on the floor. From the glance of it, I notice all the 4 cases has been opened so I wasn’t really going to expect any TH cars anymore.

nevertheless I still open up the cases and wow this case is the exactly the same wave which I got the 2010 lancer evolution 2 weeks ago. so I just take my own sweet time to take out the car from one of the case and start to choose the cars that I like. as I was selecting the cars, here come one of the supervisor from that hypermarket (which I think is new cause I haven’t seen him before) with his gung-ho attitude. below is the conversation between me and him.

him: “you cari apa?”
me: “i cari stock hotwheels baru yang I nak beli.”
him: “you cari thunt kah?”
i was a bit stunt when i hear this. lol.
me: “ ada kereta thunt ka?”
him: “mana ada thunt, takda.”
you think i’m a kid just first day hunting? lol.
me: “macam mana boleh takda?”
him: “i dah simpan thunt tu, isteri saya jual kereta thunt tu. isteri saya kerja kat hasbro.”
deng.... there you go the confession without even any hesitation or sorry for what he has done.
me: “oh…. tak kisah la thunt ke tak. aku nak beli kereta yang aku suka je.”
then he is basically just standing beside me waiting and looking at me choosing the cars. after I finish choose the cars from the first case, then i ask him:
me: “boleh saya pilih kereta dalam satu lagi kotak tu?”
him: “tak boleh, kita kena susun dulu baru you boleh pilih”
me: “apesal tak boleh pulak? ni kan untuk jual nanti karang kan?”
him: “tak boleh, nanti lepas you pilih stock staff kita takan display kat rack lagi.”
huh? what kind of reason is this?
me: “takpe la aku pilih la kereta yang aku nak dulu, nanti kor display la yang tinggal tu”
him: “tak boleh, you kena tunggu kita display dulu”
I was like “ok you have taken the th cars, and now you don’t even allow me to buy the remaining cars? Lol.”
me: “habis tu bila you nak dispay?”
him: “you pergi bayar dulu nanti saya display.”

I proceed to take a basket to put in the cars that I have choose. when I go back to that same spot, I saw him towing away the whole pallet back into their storeroom and never come out already. Lol!

anyway, I just proceed to pay and leave that place. nowdays i’m kind of no feeling and numb to insider already… too many of them and it’s never ending… I have learned it’s more happy to hunt for the cars i like rather get angry with them. lol.

when I reach home, suddenly only i remember i should have ask him what th cars that came in this wave. dayem! maybe i should have ask him how much does his wife selling those TH cars also. lol.


Hot Wheels 7 Eleven Promotion - 2010/07/26 to 2010/08/22

yes after a few months wait, the hot wheels 7E promotion is back in town. however, i only have 3 words to describe the promotion this time - Boring Boring and Boring....

i was hoping 7E to restock new basic car wave in this promotion, but instead they restock again with the old wave (chevroletor, camaro, ratbomb) that's been hit our shore many months ago... boring....

this time around, i was just covering half of the 7E that i normally go for my 7E hunting. i really don't feel like hunting this time around, the exciment is not there anymore. it's totally not worth the energy, time and petrol for me just to hunt for a TH$.

and guess what, i went back home straight the moment i found this 2 TH cars. lol.

and it's also the only 2 hotwheels basic cars that i bought in this 7E promotion restock. lol.

well on the bright side, most of the 7E outlet restock with the new and latest hotwheels speed machines wave this time. there's a lot of cool and nice speed machines cars in this new wave. i shall post them in my next post. :)

just for the record, below are the promotion price in 7E:

1. hot wheels basic cars - RM5.90 (normal price RM6.90)
2. matchbox basic cars - RM5.90 (normal price RM6.90)
2. hot wheels speed machines - RM12.90 (normal price RM14.90)

happy hunting!


Hint Hint.....

some hint that you can still grab the TH on the rack. but you have to be quick.

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7E salak selatan (cheras)

7E taman shamelin (cheras)

7E bandar sri permaisuri 1 (cheras)

7E bandar sri permaisuri 2 (chreas)

7E menara PGRM (cheras)

one 7E in balakong. forgot what taman already... =.="

some reg th in 7E that i didn't take pic.
- taman bukit belimbing (balakong)
- near jalan peel (cheras)
- one in sg besi also forgot what taman name... =.="

plus you can find lots of new and cool hot wheels speed machine wave car in 7E now.


Another new HW wave?

can somebody tell me what wave is this?

and this?

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just as i thought gangster grin wave is going to hit more to our shore later, these new cars really caught me in surprise. i have no idea what wave these new car came with. the lanser evo and ecto-1 was left hanging on the rack, but the TH car couldn't be found anywhere. very fishy...

anyway i still went home happy with the lancer evo. hehe.

the code that printed at the bottom of these new cars is "C20", which is way ahead of current gangster grin wave which is "C09".

oh ya i thought i hit jackpot when i saw this!

only later to find out that there's only 70 cards in that box. =.=""


My short oversea trip haul - 2010/07/11

i went for a short oversea business trip a couple of days ago. guess what place is this?

yea that trade mark bamboo pole and scaffolding that use in building construction and made famous by jacky chan in his stunt movie. lol.

i've been to hong kong for many times due to work. so basically i didn't went for any sighseing in this trip, but just to one place with one sole purpose - hunt for toys. hehe.

this is one type of the toy shop that you don't get to see in Malaysia. but there are so many of them in Hong Kong.

these toy gun look so real that i wonder how does the hong kong goverment control this so that it will not being use by those people with bad intention.

so take a guess what i bought from this trip?
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nah not those gun toys. i'll be hang to death by our goverment if i would to bought those toy gun back home. lol.

only bought these 2 toys. but got them at very cheap price. hehe.

first is the Alteisen from the Deformover series.

then is the Drossel from the Nendoroid series.

hong kong is actually a good place to hunt for toys, especially those toys from Japan. not only there are more variety for you to choose from many shop, the toy prices there is also generally more cheaper than malaysia. and with our strong currency currently, it will be hard to resist the temptation of 'borong' the toys home. :p


Grrrrrrrrrrrr.....innnnnn is in da house!

move a side you all dirty rat, it's grrrrrrrrin in the house today!

what a nice scene after almost 2 month seeing the same thing hanging on the rack. it was quite a surprise for me to find this th ganster grin actually.

plus, a rare scene. hehe.

conclusion - only take these 2 cars. already bought the rest of the car that came in this gangster grin wave 2 months ago from my ex-favourite jusco. :p

let the hunt begin!