Lego Haul - 2011/03/27

since this is my first lego posting in my blog, let start it will a bang shall we. lol. these are some of the lego that i bought from the past few days:

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this box set is awesome! can't believe i still can get it 25% off the retail price.

it come with 9 minifigures and 2 trolls. love the trolls very much.

now i have some soldier to sieage the orc castle. hehe.

the new release lego pharaoh's quest box set. another cool box set that all lego collector must have.

this is also a new lego release - ninjago series. i only bought this one. it's not cheap even bought it with retail price, but can't resist the evil nuckal!

complete sets of lego minifigures series 2 with all 16 minifigures. another spartan added to my spartan army! :p

some darthvader for me and my office colleague back in KL.

really can't wait to bring it back home and have a good time with my family assembling them.


Hot Wheels Haul - 2011/03/23

just barely 1 week plus i'm back in malaysia, today i'm back in KLIA again for another business trip. well, to cut the story short, this is what happend in one of the shop selling hot wheels in KLIA.

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i took above pic while the staff is cutting open the fresh box. lol. and below is some of the cars that pull out from that case.

these are what i bought from that case. i love the 350z the most! only 1 pcs per case.

sorry for the blur and yellowish pic. took it with my handphone camera in the hotel room. lol.

for your info, this case also come with red ferrari 330 P4, grey porsche 911 gt2, grey porsche 911 gt3 rs and 2011 batmobile which i didn't buy.


Hot Wheels Haul - 2011/03/21

here are some of my hot wheels finding for the past one week.

some 2011 hot wheels basic cars

some matchbox cars from the latest wave. i heard that the 2008 holden ve ute ssv is very hard to find in australia due to it's popularity with the people there. but i foresee this casting will be peg warmers in malaysia. lol. i like the 2010 fisker karma hybrid the most in this wave. will share some clearer pic when i got time.

there are some new speed machines wave restock too, but i just took one of this Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV. don't know why every collector in this country is going crazy for this casting. maybe i'm not a lamboghini fan so it doesn't really create the excitement in me compare to when i first saw the ferrari 599xx. lol.

here is the latest 2011 hot wheels garage corvette stingray concept. the first release is in white colour, and this black colour is the second colour in this series.

i think our country is the first in the world to received this latest 2011 hot wheels garage case. i've not even seen this black stingray in U.S or ebay!
there are a few more casting that came in this latest 2011 hot wheels garage wave such as the red ferrari 512M, 65 mercury comet cyclone etc. so does this mean that we are going to miss the garage karmann ghia wave? ah crap! :(


Parcel from Ebay - 2011/03/13 (Part 3)

manage to open up the remaining 3 boxes of parcel that arrive the other day. no time to take individual pic so here are the group pic. hehe. click on the pic to see in bigger size.

some of the item are for me and are bought just to combine shipping. some will be up for sales when i got the time to sort them up.


Parcel from Ebay - 2011/03/13 (Part 2)

ok let see what are the cars behind all these bubble wrap.

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danny was right. most of it are japanese tunner cars. my hot wheels nissan skyline collection grow double instantly from just this one purchase. lol. will take more pic of the individual cars next time.

and these are the items from some of the other boxes. will open up the other 3 big boxes there when i got time.

oh by the way, some of the items will be on sales soon. no no, not the nissan skyline ya. :)


Parcel from Ebay - 2011/03/13 (Part 1)

after beeing away for 3 weeks business trip oversea, so i went to collect my parcel from local post office yesterday. didn't expect it to be so many arrived at the same time. have to make 2 trip to my car to carry them into my house. hehe.

of so many parcel, this is the one i've been eagerly waiting for.

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open sesame!

first layer.

second layer.

all the cars in the box. can you guess what cars are those?

will reveal it in in my next post. stay tune. :)