Parcel from Ebay - 2011/03/13 (Part 2)

ok let see what are the cars behind all these bubble wrap.

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danny was right. most of it are japanese tunner cars. my hot wheels nissan skyline collection grow double instantly from just this one purchase. lol. will take more pic of the individual cars next time.

and these are the items from some of the other boxes. will open up the other 3 big boxes there when i got time.

oh by the way, some of the items will be on sales soon. no no, not the nissan skyline ya. :)


zacktan said...

one word, WOW!

Danny said...

haha, im getting pretty good at guessing. :P that's quite a lot of skyline u got there! superb haul bro! :D

shaz @ kurz said...

again, dahsyaaaaTTT~~~!!!!

kown said...

what car u wan sale.huhuuu..nice bro

mushr00m said...

bro.. *fainted*.. wake up.. nose bleed.. fainted again.. wake up.. cry.. fainted again.. wake up.. still crying.. ehehehe..

anyway.. congrats bro.. the skyline is drooling..

Danny said...

kuku, is the Mustang for sale? please say yes.. pleeaassseeeeeee... :P

kuku said...

zack - 1 word, thanks!
danny - yes that mustang is up for sales. :)
kurz - again, thank you. :p
kown - i haven't make up my mind what are for sales. will post in forum once i decided. hehe.
mushroom - thanks bro. i also faint and cry few times when i open the parcel. :p

Danny said...

awesome! let me know when the sales thread is up bro! thanks! :D

Claudio said...

caro Amigo me fale sobre as vendas heim!!!


Claudio Senna