Hot Wheels 2011 Nightburnerz - Nissan 350Z (White)

Today feature one of the hot wheels casting that still very elusive in our local shore till now - 2011 Nightburnerz Nissan 350z (White).

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while i post this nissan 350z pic, suddently one question came into my mind. if you happend to stumble upon the 2011 regular treasure hunt pontiac gto and this nissan 350z (assuming that you don't have any of those 2 cars) but you only have enough money to buy 1 car, which one will you buy? hehe.


Hot Wheels And Matchbox Haul - 2011/04/08

here are some of the hot wheels and matchbox cars that i pickup from 7-Eleven and various store locally. this time is really bought locally ya. :p

for hot wheels, the morris mini is the hardest one to find. not because of limited restock, but people is hoarding (yes i really mean hoarding!) dozen and dozen of the morris mini as can be seen from the posting in our local forum. all are so proud to be able to find so many mini....

as for matchbox, there are some new matchbox wave that's been restock in 7E now. the matchbox new wave do come with some very nice cars. i was quite surprise to see the quick sander and lotus evora in 7E as i do not see any people posted this 2 cars in their recent purchase from 7E.

did you guys stumble upon this quick sander and lotus evora often in 7E? i know i don't because so far i only see them once from around 15 7E that i visited.


My haul from 7E promo?

i posted this 2 picture in our local forum recently. but to my surprise i received so many message and some even call me asking which 7E i get that 2011 garage karmann ghia.

firstly, if you look back at my posting in the forum on these 2 pictures, did i mention i got it from 7E? secondly, no other people manage to find the karmann ghia in 7E neither in our local market. so, am i really that lucky not only to be able to find it, and even find 2 pcs of it? lol. don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to join the band by showing off what i haul from other place but claim it to be from 7E (but i know some collector that love to do this to prove that they are not falling behind lol.), neither i want to compete with other collector to see who is the 'king' of haul in 7E promo. what i'm trying to tell everybody here is don't just simply believe what people say or post in the forum/blog.

when i post that 2 picture in the forum, i already have in my mind that i will write this post in my blog to clarify the haul picture that i posted in the forum. what i'm trying to tell you all is there are all kind of people in the forum, some are really kind and helpful, but on the other side some are those that the mouth is just full of lies.

there are a small number of collector in the forum that i know where their fun is seeing other collector doing the wild goose chase. they like to create false story to make people believe that they are more lucky/superior than other collector, even claiming and showing the TH that never landed in our country but he manage to get it from 7E. i don't understand why they want to do this, perhaps he felt it's fun seeing other people going round and round of searching for things that they will never find? i used to be the victim of these people scam when i just started my hot wheels collection. that's why i really hate this kind of hypocrite (or i would call them mouth full of sh*t) collector. but the sad thing is i still see these hypocrite people actively telling lies after lies be it in the forum or to other collectors....

so judge wisely what people post in the forum/blog. everybody can post or say anything they want, but it's up to you to believe it or not.

so now if i say that below pic is my haul from 7E promotion, will you still believe me? ah i should have stick the RM5.90 7E price sticker to that convoy custom before taking this picture. lol. :p

Hot Wheels 2011 Treasure Hunt - 71 Mustang Funny Car (Ebay)

aparently the 2011 71 Mustang Funny Car has landed in the land of Oz and in ebay listing now. (picture by nwin1) Guess what it the bidding price in ebay now for this regular and super treasure hunt 71 Mustang Funny Car?

check out the bidding price for the above item -> http://cgi.ebay.com/HOTWHEELS-2011-SUPER-REG-T-HUNT-71-MUSTANG-FUNNY-CAR-/120705868897?pt=AU_Toys_Hobbies_Diecast_Vehicles&hash=item1c1aa16461

3 more days to go, let see how high it can go. hehe.


Hot Wheels Field Report - 2011/04/04

just want to share with you all some of hot wheels and tomica the sighting that i come across during my oversea business trip for the past few weeks.

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a very rare sighting if this was in Malaysia....

i was so happy sighting the nissan 350z than the TH GTO. lol.

some old wave that just make to the peg there.

from one of the convinient store.

this one is funny. less than 10 pcs of hot wheels on the shelf and one of it is this TH neet streeter.

these 2 boxes look very familiar. :p manage to pull out one regular 69 Mustang TH from one of the box.

tomica square. you can find all the latest tomica release product from here.

the Tomica Limited GT-R Vol 1 that's still missing from our country....

some recent tomica restock in the department store.

some tomica that i bought.

all pic are capture in different places. some in TRU, some in hypermarket, some in department store and some in convinient store. generally hot wheels can be classified as rare here. major department store only have less than 20 cards on the rack, hypermarket is even worse. most of the hot wheels stock are old stock which dated back in 2009. only TRU have some decent hot wheels stock, but it's still far behind compare to our TRU in malaysia.