Hot Wheels Field Report - 2011/04/04

just want to share with you all some of hot wheels and tomica the sighting that i come across during my oversea business trip for the past few weeks.

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a very rare sighting if this was in Malaysia....

i was so happy sighting the nissan 350z than the TH GTO. lol.

some old wave that just make to the peg there.

from one of the convinient store.

this one is funny. less than 10 pcs of hot wheels on the shelf and one of it is this TH neet streeter.

these 2 boxes look very familiar. :p manage to pull out one regular 69 Mustang TH from one of the box.

tomica square. you can find all the latest tomica release product from here.

the Tomica Limited GT-R Vol 1 that's still missing from our country....

some recent tomica restock in the department store.

some tomica that i bought.

all pic are capture in different places. some in TRU, some in hypermarket, some in department store and some in convinient store. generally hot wheels can be classified as rare here. major department store only have less than 20 cards on the rack, hypermarket is even worse. most of the hot wheels stock are old stock which dated back in 2009. only TRU have some decent hot wheels stock, but it's still far behind compare to our TRU in malaysia.


zacktan said...

awesome man!

kown said...

a lot stuff here.. i want 350z lol

kuku said...

zack - thanks.

kown - many people pm me for the 350z. =.=" i'll let you know if i stumble into more of it. :)

shaz @ kurz said...

did u take the vol 01 GTR~~?
wonder how much..huhuhu

kuku said...

you want? pm me in lyn.