Old But New Wave?

New wave new wave! yay! hehe.

if you've been collecting hot wheels for a while, i guess you'll know actually this is not a new wave. :p in fact this is last year GMC Motorhome wave that hit our shore last year around april-may. i was desperately looking for this wave last year but i couldn't locate any of them. this wave was very very short run and only landed in a couple of hypermarket in klang valley area.

finally out from no where i found these GMC wave cars hang on the rack in one of the hypermarket today. i don't know why these old car wave re-appear again at this point of time, but what i know is i'm as happy as i found a new wave! :D


Maisto Marvel Universe and Iron Man 2 Diecast Collection

this are the Maisto Marvel Universe and Iron Man 2 Diecast Collection cars that i bought last week.

come others cars that came in this 5 packs. click on below pic to see it in bigger size.

there are a lot more cars in this series. all of them are very colourful and have very nice tampo. but i don't think i want to buy them anymore cause i'm kind of dissapointed by the price and the car casting that maisto used for this series. most of the casting that masito use in this series are totally crap.... =.="


Hot Wheels 2004 - Crooze Batmobile

another twisted version of batmobile from hot wheels - Crooze Batmobile.

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head on with another car from the crooze series.

i like this batmobile casting very much. i have it on my working desk so that i can roll em when i'm bored with my work. :D


New Maisto and Mighty Mugg - 2010/08/21

these are some of the latest maisto cars that hit our shore recently - the marvel universe and iron man 2 diecast cars.

all the cars in these series are very colourful. and there are so many different characters in so many different casting which i end up don't even have any idea which one to pick. =.=" i guess there are generally 2 strategy to choose the cars in this series:
1. stick to the casting you like and just collect that casting.
2. stick to the marvell characters you like and just collect the cars that came with that characters.
if you think you like all of them and wanted to buy all, make sure you bring enough cash or credit card with you cause it's going to burn a big big hole in your wallet. lol.

well the sideback to this series are some of the cars design is totally crap and it's quite expensive. the single cared cars is almost the same price as hot wheels speed machines. =.="" nevertheless i did pick up some of the cars that i like. will show the pic in later post.

another collectible toys that hit our shore recently are these SDCC exclusive Iron Man Mark VI and SDCC exclusive Transfomers Prowl Mighty Muggs.

will show the better pic of them in my later post.


Hot Wheels 2004 - Hardnoze Batmobile

today featuring one of my favourite hot wheels batmobile - the hardnoze batmobile.

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some people might not like this hardnoze version of batmobile because of the wierd big head looking of the cars, but for me the design is just perfect for this batmobile!

head on with another version of hot wheels batmobile - the crooze' batmobile


POS of the week - 2010/08/13

did my eyes deceiving me?? TH cards hang on Jusco rack? must buy lottery!

also found are these colour shifter batman tumbler.

plus this all new hot wheels battle force 5 car pack. with that kind of cars and that kind of price, another soon to be peg warmers.... come on mattel, bring back the monster jam!


Hot Wheels Speed Machine Haul - 2010/08/08

some of the hot wheels speed machines that i pickup in 7-Eleven recently. Click on pic to see it in bigger size.

McLaren F1 GTR (Silver/Orange) and Ferrari 333SP (Blue)

Enzo Ferrari (Red) and 599 GTB Fiorano (Black)

Mitsubishi 2008 Lancer Evolution (White) and Lamborghini Gallardo (White)

2006 Dodge Viper SRT10 (Blue and Grey)

Except the grey 2006 viper, the rest of the speed machines cars are latest speed machines wave that hit our shore recently. good luck in hunting them. :)


Hot Wheels 2010 - 2008 Lancer Evolution (Blue)

another nice car that came in the recent hw wave.

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why the nissan 370Z is much smaller than the evo??

if you found this car hang on the rack, make sure you look for the th car as well cause both of them are equally hot. hehe.


Hot Wheels 2010 Aston Martin DBS (Silver)

generally i don't really fancy aston martin car, but this 2010 aston martin dbs totally change my perception.

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face off with another one of my favourite casting - Matchbox Lotus Evora

this aston martin DBS can easily be one of the best casting i've seen, and i even rank it higher than the lambo, evo x and skyline(R-34) casting that came in the same wave. make sure you grab one if you see them. :)