McDonald China 2009 Promotion - Hello Kitty

i went for a short business trip in shen zhen, china last week. shen zhen is well known for selling pirated/fake goods with a cheap bargain price. i didn't bought any pirated/fake item as i'm not really interested with it. instead, i bought these hello kitty softtoy from the local McDonald as a present for my lovely little daughter.

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Unlike mcdonald malaysia where they only release certain toy at certain date, i bought all the 8 items in a single visit. bought it with RMB80, which approximately about RM40 after conversion.

these hello kitty are so cute MySpace ! as for now, i'm going to keep it first, and will give it to my little girl when the time is right. :)


Hotwheels 7 Eleven Haul - 28/07/2009

i was on my way back home from office today when i decided to drop by in one 7E which located on a busy main road in KL. it's already 2 days since the hw promo started, and knowing that this area is frequently patrol by some other hw collector, i wasn't expecting much.

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as usual, i'll ask the staff is there anymore new stock arrive and not been displayed. the staff told me yes and bring out a box which consist of all the bad bagger wave cars but there is no TH in the box. when i was about to leave the store, i heard the staff asking me from behind - 'bang ada 2 lagi, abang nak'? (there are 2 more, do you want it). i turn around, then MySpace . she is holding 2 TH bad bagger and one of it is a TH$! without any hesitate, i took both the TH, pay RM10, and ask her to keep the change. haha.

now i have 2 TH$ bad bagger. This should keep me happy for a couple of weeks! MySpace


Hotwheels 7 Eleven Haul - 27/07/2009

i only got to know that 7E is launching a promo for HW and MB on late sunday (26/7) night. i immediately grab my car key and went to a few nearest 7E at my location.

my main target in this 7E promo is the TH$ bad bagger. but seems like most of the 7E that i visited has been raided earlier by some other collectors. the spirit is a bit down, but somehow in the most unexpected 7E location i found a TH$ bad bagger. yahoo!! MySpace what a great joy and relief when i finally found it. haha.

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now finally i found a captain for my 'rempit' (bikey) team. haha.

another unexpected from the 7E is this blings diary delivery. it is my very first diary delivery truck though. hehe.

most of the 7E was restock with bad bagger wave for this promotion period. if you are lucky enough, you might came across the 7E that restock with the new neet streeter wave. i only came across 1 store with neet streeter wave from over 30+ stores that i visited.

so this is the best time for you to get some of the HW/MB cars that you have miss out earlier. if you find/hunt hard enough, i'm sure you'll get what you want.

happy hunting!

Matchbox 7 Eleven Haul - 27/07/2009

i guess every HW and MB collector is heading to 7 Eleven now because of the latest 7E promotion on the HW and MB cars that's started today (27th Jul).

these are some of my MB haul from several 7E today.

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and this is one of the surprise haul!

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Yellow Honda CTR! wuhuu!!

together with this yellow CTR is the gold Dodge Viper GTS-R. i found this in only one of the 30+ 7E that i visited today. it's more harder to find than the TH bad bagger. haha.

here is my honda ctr family pic!


Tomica Limited 0056 - Arta NSX (2004 JGTC)

another piece of tomica limited JGTC added to my collection. it cost about RM45 including the shipping cost.

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Tomica Limited 0060 - Yellow Hat YMS Supra

i got this from one of the forummer few months ago when i was just started to collect tomica cars. love its striking yellow colour.

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Tomica Field Report - 17/07/2009

some new tomica stock arrive in sg.wang litt tak shop today.

some notable car are:

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1. TL 108 - Isuzu Giga 高速郵便車
2. Tomica #28 - Toyota IQ
3. Tomica #68 - Post van
4. Tomica #135 - Steam Locomotive
5. some nice Plakids pack.

Honda NSX


Parcel From Japan

a parcel arrive from japan for me today! MySpace take a guess what's in it.

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will reveal the content later. :D . stay tune!

here is the answer.
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will take more pic of these babe and post it here later. MySpace