McDonald China 2009 Promotion - Hello Kitty

i went for a short business trip in shen zhen, china last week. shen zhen is well known for selling pirated/fake goods with a cheap bargain price. i didn't bought any pirated/fake item as i'm not really interested with it. instead, i bought these hello kitty softtoy from the local McDonald as a present for my lovely little daughter.

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Unlike mcdonald malaysia where they only release certain toy at certain date, i bought all the 8 items in a single visit. bought it with RMB80, which approximately about RM40 after conversion.

these hello kitty are so cute MySpace ! as for now, i'm going to keep it first, and will give it to my little girl when the time is right. :)


danielh said...

this hello kitty toys are really nice. Too bad it's available in McD china only. I'm sure your little girl will like it.

kuku said...

yes it is. should have bought another extra set. i will give to her when the time is right.

thanks for dropping by though. :)

Eric @ Loon said...

McD here just cheepo toys

kuku said...

yes i agree. haha.