Hotwheels Field Report - 01/07/2009 Part 1

when i was on my way back home, i stop by at one store and found this! 9 cartons of HW basic cars vehicle box!

i guess all the HW collector will be very excited when they see this. however, i'll have to say i'm not. why? simple, it's because of my past experience with this particular store.....

anyway, i still open the box and see what's in it. Guess what wave it is? thank god it's not the qombee wave (phew...); it's camaro wave! well it's still an old wave but it's better than the qombee wave! lol.

i start to search the box for the 'treasure'. first box, no treasure. hmm.... second box, no treasure as well.... hmm....hmm.... then i notice all of the boxes has been opened. however, i still continue with my treasure hunting in the box. as i was going through box number 4 or 5, the toys department supervisor turn up.

to be continue...

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