Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (E Case)

another delivery slick rides delivered and this time is the E case.

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all the cars that came in this E case.

some of the cars are actually repeated in the C case that i bought before. so i only listed here the cars that are different from the C case. you can refer to here for all the car in the C case: http://kukuspace.blogspot.com/2010/01/hotwheels-2010-delivery-slick-rides.html

Cool-One - really a cool one indeed. one of my favourite casting.

Volkswagen Deluxe - another casting that i really like in this case.

55 Chevy Panel - one of many collector favourite casting.

34 Ford - reminded me on the woodie woodpecker cartoon that i watch many many years ago.

some of the double/duplicate casting will be put on sale soon.


Hot Wheels Classic Series 5 - Convoy Custom (Black)

here you go, the chase Convoy Custom from hot wheels classic series 5.

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design by Larry Wood, convoy custom make its first debut in hot wheels classic series 5 in 2009. with metal body and metal base, this place the convoy custom among the other hot wheels heavy weight casting. this unit is painted with spectraflame black. totally awesome!

head on with hasbro transformers RPMs optimus prime.

custom convoy in it's carded form.

convoy custom is still a relatively new casting but this doesn't demper its popularity among the hw collector. in fact, this casting is one of the highly sough after casting besides VW Drag Bus and Diary Delivery. To date, there are only 6 different colours being produced:

- Blue (Classic Series 5)
- Black (Classic Series 5)
- Dark Green (Classic Series 5 Box Set - Wal-Mart Exclusive)
- Pink (Classic Series 5 - Special event and HWC only )
- Metallic Copper (Conventional Dinner Car)
- Yellow (Slick Rides)

refer to here for more info - http://hotwheels.wikia.com/wiki/Convoy_Custom


Hotwheels 2009 Ferrari Racer - Enzo Ferrari

a red chili car to spice up the chinese new year mood - 2009 Ferrari Racer Enzo.

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just a simple wheels swap turn the enzo a totally different class from its regular version.

a 'chase' enzo with a regular enzo. hehe.


Happy Chinese New Year 2010 !!

today mark the last day of the Ox year in chinese lunar calendar. and tomorrow all the chinese people around the world will be celebrating and welcoming a new year - the year of Tiger!

i take this opportunity to wish everybody a happy chienese new year. may the year of tiger bring more properity, good luck and the most important thing - good health to everybody.

*above beatiful piece of work is created by one of our very creative hotwheels collector in LYN - qombee. love it very much that i just have to put it in my blog! haha. thanks qombee!

*almost forget tomorrow is also velentines day. hehe. wishing everybody a happy valentines day too!


Picture On Site (POS) - 09/02/2010

it has been a while since i last post POS. my long faithful mobile phone that i've been using for 5 years finally has decided to gone 'kuku'. lol. just got a new phone from a forummer/friend - 'kurz' so now POS is back in business.

firstly is this pic that i capture in TRU today. looks like some TRU is restocking some Jada diecast car.

2 of the nice car that worth mention here:

2005 Corvette C6R

awesome car with awesome tampo. i'm very sure it will dissapear from the rack fast.

2008 Dodge Viper SRT10

this car came with shinning chrome maron red paint. i'm so loving it! :)

also found today is the new 1:43 hotwheels Ferrari that came with a nice display casing. this is much better than the earlier 1:43 hotwheels Ferrari that's only came in carded blister. and the price for this new one (RM39.90) is cheaper than the earlier (RM44.90) one too. but i'm holding my horse first for this. hehe.

this was found yesterday. the new hotwheels batmobile series and a classic pakard. one is RM33.90 and another one is RM6.90, guess which one did i bought???

answer is non of the 2 lol. i already have quite a number of packard, so i guess it's better to leave it for other people to own it. besides, i have a feeling that packard is also left by another person that came earlier than me.

this was found yesterday too. no way i'm going to leave this on the rack. haha. :p

thanks for looking and hope u enjoy my POS story. :)


Hotwheels Speed Machines - Mitsubishi 2008 Lancer Evolution (Red), Lamborghini Gallardo (Blue), 2001 Acura NSX (Green), 2007 Ford Shelby GT500(Silver)

4 more hotwheels speed machines added to my collection.

Mitsubishi 2008 Lancer Evolution (Red)
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Lamborghini Gallardo (Blue)
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2001 Acura NSX (Green)
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2007 Ford Shelby GT500 (Silver)
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it might be a good time to get the speed machines now cause some of the department store is offering 10% discount. but i'm still hopefull that 7E will restock them though. :)