Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline - Your Verdict?

how much would you pay for this nissan skyline?

and how about this one?

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i stumble upon a listing of above 2 nissan skyline bid in ebay recently. guess how much a person is willing to pay for the above loose skyline?

see here:

and here:

So what do you think will be the fair price for those skyline? And all this while you think the TH$ nissan skyline is the most expensive nissan skyline eh? LOL.

Anyway, luckily i don't need to go through the bidding war cause i already have both of them! :p enjoy the pic!


Parcel from Ebay - 2011/06/07

it's has been a while since i last update my blog.... i have been very very busy with work and family. but this still doesn't stop me from buying thing from ebay. :p

today one parcel that i've been anticipating for few weeks finally arrived to me. but look the the shipping cost.... @.@"

open sesame! this seller pack all the item into the box till the max.

the bottom layer (after removing the first layer items), all are nicely arrange to fully utilise the spaces. kudos to this seller!

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all the items in the box.

top view.

side view. click on pic to see it in bigger view.

almost complete my hot wheels monster jam duo from this one single purchase. lol. i was very lucky indeed manage to get almost all the monster jam duo from this single seller, plus all in loose! i always prefer to buy my hot wheels in loose rather than carded. not only it's cheaper, it save space and cheaper to ship too. and the best thing about this purchase is no body really fight bid with me! got some of the monster jam duo for only $2.99. good deal eh!