A wall of 65 Volkswagen Fastback

a family photo before all of them gone to their new owner tomorrow....

for your information these Hot Wheels 65 Volkswagen Fastback are from the Garage series which only sold in Target store in U.S. this blue colour is the 3rd colour after the black and orange colour that was release earlier.

i'll be shipping in a few more pieces of this 65 Volkswagen Fastback again so that those of you that didn't manage to get from me earlier can have piece of it. the price will be much lower than those that sell in amcorp flee market. i can assure you that. :)

drop me an email 'kuku_misc @ yahoo.com' (remove the spaces in between) if you wish to purchase one.


How many before you say enough is enough?

how many of the same super treasure hunts cars that you will grab before you say enough is enough?


not enough?
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still not enough? how about
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3 then.

still not enough?
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make it 4.

still not satisfied?
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how about 5?

still want more?
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you have to find it your self then.....


Hot Wheels 2011 Treasure Hunt - Corvette Grand Sport

there you go, another hot wheels 2011 treasure hunt cars being revealed - Corvette Grand Sport.

picture from www.hotwheelscollectors.com.


Maisto Custom Shop Fifty5's - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

i bought this from one of the supermarket in down town KL.

i have seen some other casting such as nissan 350z, datsun, scion xb in this series, but this is the first time i saw mitsubishi lancer evolution casting in this series. bought it without even think twice. :D

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you must click on the individual pic to see it in bigger size to appreciate this casting. hehe.

look at the beautiful wheels and rim. my heart melt when i saw those wheels.... :p

with the price just slightly above hot wheels speed machines (hot wheels speed machines = RM14.90, maisto custom shop fifty5's = RM17.90), i would say this casting really worth the money. and if you are lucky, you might get 20% discount on this items during our 'never ending' department store sales. :D


Hot Wheels 2010 5 Cars Pack - Toon'd Muscle

some new 5 cars pack hitting our town today! yay!

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i'm so happy hot wheels finally decided to reproduce the tooned cars. i'm not a muscle car fan, but i'm a big tooned car fan! the 5 cars that came in this pack are gorgeous! click on indvidual pic to see it in bigger size.

Dodge Charge Daytona - the best casting in this pack, also one of my all time favourice tooned casting!

69 Camaro Z28

68 Mustang

69 Pontiac GTO Judge

63 Corvette

Family group picture!

it has been a while since i'm so excited about 5 cars pack. i will definetely buy a few more packs to keep. hehe. btw all the 5 cars are made in thailand. so it will be hard to find the loose one selling in amcorp....


More Hot Wheels Convoy Custom!

can get enough of convoy custom? there you go, more convoy customsssssss!! hehe. i'm a little bit crazy for convoy custom you might say. lol. but yes i don't mind of having multiple of them cause i really like this casting.

if you are interested to purchase one of this convoy custom, drop me an email 'kuku_misc @ yahoo.com' (remove the space in between). RM70 per pcs. if i can't sell them, i will and i don't mind just keep all of them. hehe.

oh, by the way that 49 Ford C.O.E is from the 2010 delivery sweet rides 20 cars pack. it was ship together with the convoy. will snap some pic and post in here later.

Hot Wheels 2010 - 69 Cougar Eliminator (Green)

i'm not a muscle car fan so i don't normally buy hot wheels muscle car (unless it is tooned version. hehe). but this green 69 Cougar Eliminator look so nice that i really couldn't resist to bring it back home.

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painted with green flame tampo, it reminded me to one of this year treasure hunts car - 69 Mustang, which hasn't been seen anywhere in our shore yet.


Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (R Case)

look what mr postman deliver to me today? hehe.

hot wheels delivery slick rides R case!

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here are all the casting that came in this R case.

49 Ford COE - one of my favourite casting in this series.

64 GMC Panel

Custom 69 Volkswagen Variant

66 Dodge A100

Custom 77 Dodge Van

32 Ford Sedan Delivery

the other 2 casting that appear in Q case that i bought before.

8 Crate

Double Demon

now i'm eagerly waiting for the V case to arrive! :D


Hot Wheels Speed Machines - Ferrari 599XX (Yellow)

today i present you the best casting so far in hot wheels speed machine series - the Ferrari 599XX. :D

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head on with it's sibling!

this yellow colour is the 2nd colour of 599XX after the red colour which was out in our shore not too long ago. currently quite a number of places has been restocking with this yellow 599XX wave. get one for your self before it's too late!


Hot Wheels 2011 Treasure Hunt - 59 Impala

following the first 2011 hot wheels treasure hunt 57 chevy, apparently the 2nd 2011 hot wheels treasure hunt car is out too. this time is the 59 Impala. well i'm not so much a fan of this casting nor the colour of this car, so i wouldn't hold any grudge even if i can't find it. :p

picture from 1por64.blogspot.com


Hot Wheels Toy Story 3 - Lotso Speed

i bought this cute litte car from the toy shop at the KLIA airport when i was back from my taiwan trip. this is also my first hot wheels toy story car series that i bought.

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the lotso speed design is actually a truck mimicking bulldog. but why bulldog rather than bear??? :p anyway, i like it's design very much. great job and kudos to whoever in mattel that design this car.

i like look in this angle. like a bulldog that ready to pounce. hehe.

lotso speed with his big brother. :p

face off with another purple truck.

eventhought the size is small, but this car doesn't feel as light as what i first thought. the metal base really added weight to this small little car, easily outweight most of the hot wheels basic cars.

after seing and playing with this car personally, now i really feel like getting a few more pieces of this to keep it carded. :)