Hot Wheels 2010 5 Cars Pack - Toon'd Muscle

some new 5 cars pack hitting our town today! yay!

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i'm so happy hot wheels finally decided to reproduce the tooned cars. i'm not a muscle car fan, but i'm a big tooned car fan! the 5 cars that came in this pack are gorgeous! click on indvidual pic to see it in bigger size.

Dodge Charge Daytona - the best casting in this pack, also one of my all time favourice tooned casting!

69 Camaro Z28

68 Mustang

69 Pontiac GTO Judge

63 Corvette

Family group picture!

it has been a while since i'm so excited about 5 cars pack. i will definetely buy a few more packs to keep. hehe. btw all the 5 cars are made in thailand. so it will be hard to find the loose one selling in amcorp....


shaz @ kurz said...

the last group pic is the best!
agghh DSLR~ i want~ :(

kuku said...

save the best for last. :p now days dslr cheap2 only. got get one! :D

saruman said...

where can I get this 5 pack? Your favourite jusco? :)

kuku said...

it's from isetan my friend, not jusco. :)

saruman said...

ohh ok ;)

Rafys78 said...

Paint eyes on the windscreen, & you got the new cast for Disney's CARS!

kuku said...

eh, betul jugak! hehehe.