Hot Wheels 2011 Treasure Hunt - 59 Impala

following the first 2011 hot wheels treasure hunt 57 chevy, apparently the 2nd 2011 hot wheels treasure hunt car is out too. this time is the 59 Impala. well i'm not so much a fan of this casting nor the colour of this car, so i wouldn't hold any grudge even if i can't find it. :p

picture from 1por64.blogspot.com


danielh said...

the color looks nice, similar to super TH spectra flames and it seems having metal base.
If it's a metal base, i'm sure it's heavy and nice to hold.

kuku said...

i think it will be metal base. i hope it came with white wall wheels like 2009 th 55 chevy.

Kin said...

Hi Kuku,

This is the design i always fascinated about.
Large , wide & low body design.The rear is hiden & is a 2+2 coupe classic.

Is a Good theme & congratul....


kuku said...

just wondering what wheels mattel will used for the $TH... it will be great if it's on white wall wheels. hehe. oh btw it's not mine so don't congraz me first. :p

Anonymous said...

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