Hot Wheels Haul - 2010/10/01

it has been a while since i post my local hot wheels haul. well here is what i manage to grap last months.

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10' Camaro SS and Dodge Charger Drift Car

Rockster and Deora II

look at this beauty - Ferrari 599XX.

and of course - Super Treasure Hunt Ford GTX1 :D

i've been very selective in buying the hot wheels basic cars now days due to it's price. rumour says that the hw basic car price it going to increase to RM8 per pcs next year. crazy.... better save up the money and go for the delivery slick rides or garage series cars then.


shaz @ kurz said...

usually a pair of reg and $
but u got pair $upers!!
nice~ rockster looks good too!

kuku said...

reg will be feature in separate post later specially for TH gtx1. :)