Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (R Case)

look what mr postman deliver to me today? hehe.

hot wheels delivery slick rides R case!

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here are all the casting that came in this R case.

49 Ford COE - one of my favourite casting in this series.

64 GMC Panel

Custom 69 Volkswagen Variant

66 Dodge A100

Custom 77 Dodge Van

32 Ford Sedan Delivery

the other 2 casting that appear in Q case that i bought before.

8 Crate

Double Demon

now i'm eagerly waiting for the V case to arrive! :D


MatchBoxClub said...

wow.. nice case u got there bro! i love the 49 Ford COE too :) btw how much is the shiipin for one case like yours?

kuku said...

depending on the seller. range from $25 to $45. :)

mushr00m said...

arghhh... sweet case.. The COE, Notchback and GMC panel is nice...
congrats bro..

Kin said...

Hi Kuku,
You really are Hotwheel crazy!!!Glad you are one.

Good theme & collection.



shaz @ kurz said...

wow yet another case!
now already V?
what happen after Z case? heheh :P

kuku said...

mushroom - thanks. some will be on sale soon. lol.

kin - lol i'm just a normal hot wheels collector. :)

kurz - V case not yet out. i don't think will have Z case. mattel will start a new year (2011) with A case.