Maisto Custom Shop Fifty5's - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

i bought this from one of the supermarket in down town KL.

i have seen some other casting such as nissan 350z, datsun, scion xb in this series, but this is the first time i saw mitsubishi lancer evolution casting in this series. bought it without even think twice. :D

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you must click on the individual pic to see it in bigger size to appreciate this casting. hehe.

look at the beautiful wheels and rim. my heart melt when i saw those wheels.... :p

with the price just slightly above hot wheels speed machines (hot wheels speed machines = RM14.90, maisto custom shop fifty5's = RM17.90), i would say this casting really worth the money. and if you are lucky, you might get 20% discount on this items during our 'never ending' department store sales. :D


mushr00m said...

Saw them a while back at Uncle Chia's shop...

Bought a few also.. ehehe..
Congrats man...

Kin said...

Hi Kuku,

Nice Mit.EVO sport sedan c/w fantatic striking colour & art work.



PS:What happen to you lately because i didn't see you comment in my blog anymore.
"Let's keep it up".

shaz @ kurz said...

i think the reason why u like them is because they look a bit tooned..heheh

kuku said...

mushroom - thanks.

kin - been busy lately so didn't have much time blog walking. :p ok lets keep up the good work!

kurz - yea maybe you are right. heheh.

grupo de estudos equipe_3 said...

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kuku said...

hi andre, of course you can. a blog is mean to be shared. :) by the way perhaps you may want to add 'Translate To English' function in your blog? cause i don't understand portugese languague in your blog. :p