More Hot Wheels Convoy Custom!

can get enough of convoy custom? there you go, more convoy customsssssss!! hehe. i'm a little bit crazy for convoy custom you might say. lol. but yes i don't mind of having multiple of them cause i really like this casting.

if you are interested to purchase one of this convoy custom, drop me an email 'kuku_misc @ yahoo.com' (remove the space in between). RM70 per pcs. if i can't sell them, i will and i don't mind just keep all of them. hehe.

oh, by the way that 49 Ford C.O.E is from the 2010 delivery sweet rides 20 cars pack. it was ship together with the convoy. will snap some pic and post in here later.


mushr00m said...

perghhhh.. more convoys..
crazy man.. Luckily got my fair shares on the convoys already.. Good price too..

don't forget about the Ford Coe 2nd color ya..

shaz @ kurz said...

wah what else can be more poisoning than this! O_O

kuku said...

mushroom - crazy convoy yes i am. lol. will let you know once the COE arrive.

kurz - wait till you see them all loose and line up in a parade of convoy. :p