Hot Wheels Haul - E Case (2012/12/01)

just as i thought D case will stuck for a while in our country, E case landed just 2 days after the D case released. i believe we are the first country that received the E case in the world. what's the hurry mattel?

below are some of the cars that i bought from E case.

other than above, there are also green mustang super snake, 92 bmw m3, sky blue vw golf gti which i do not fancy. i'm glad the angry bird and minion pig is release again in this wave, especially the angry bird which is so hard to find in earlier N case.
the code below the cars are E44 mixed with E45.
good luck hunting!


Hot Wheels - Volkwagens Kool Kombi (Green)

i got this little fellar few days ago. i believe our country is among the first country that received the latest hw case with this Kool Kombi.

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as per the name, this is really a "Kool" car! i have been looking forward to this car ever since i saw the picture of it in the internet. for such a small size, i'm surprise that this little car is pack with weight. it's easily heavier than any other average hw basic cars.

there are surfboards at the back of this little car. cool!

look out for the colour variation.

i'm very happy and glad i manage to find this kool kombi. it reminded me of the mini version of dragbus. if you find it on the peg, don't hesitate to bring it home. i'm sure it will not last long on the peg.