Tomica Limited 0063 - Eclipse Advan Supra

got this from one of the forummer in HWCM recently. when i saw him put this car on sales, bought it straight away without thinking twice. :D


Tomica Limited 0071 - Xanavi Nismo Z

got this babe all the way from japan recently. enjoy the pic! :)


Hotwheels Ferrari Racer - 575 GTC

it has been more than a month i didn't bought any new HW cars. still patiently waiting for the new wave to arrive. in the mean time, the latest ferrari racer car is out - 575 GTC.

manage to find one error 575 GTC which doesn't have the word "Ferrari" on the car spoiler.

so far only Giant store restock this 575 GTC. perhaps it will hit some other store in later time.

oh, by the way, Giant is haveing a promotion on hotwheels ferarri racer series now. they are selling @ RM9.99 now compare to normal price of RM13.90. so what are you still waiting for? :)


Transformer - Revenge Of The Fallen 3D Poster

i bought this Transformer - Revenge Of The Fallen 3D poster yesterday night from GSC cinema while attending the movie premier. awesome poster! can't resist to have it. :p

the size of this poster is about 70cm x 45cm. notice there are autobot and decepticon logo plus megatron face in the middle of the poster background.

the sales person told me this poster was a limited edition which only 1000pcs being distributed in Malaysia. Not sure how true it is, but i just got to have this poster. :)

the poster cost me RM99, which to date the most expensive poster i ever bought. =.=""


Transformer - Revenge Of The Fallen

i'm going for the movie premier Transformer - Revenge Of The Fallen tonight! love this move ticket. wish that i can keep it. :) btw, i got this movie ticket free! hehe.


just came back from the movie. Awesome! Wheelie pawn them all. lol.

_LJA0161 _LJA0168

i'm sure transformer toys will be clearing fast on the rack after more and more people watch the movie.

oh, btw, i can keep the movie tickets! yay! :D


Hotwheels 2007 TH - Brutalistic

i like brutalistic casting very much. it look very sporty and sleek. i got attracted to it when i first saw the regular card brutalistic that came with 2008 TH drift king wave. so i just had to have the TH Brutalistic!

the "Brutalistic (EST. 1968) Speed Shop" was printed on the side and the short form of it (B.S.S) was printed at the front of the car.

a comparison between the reg and $uper TH.

will took some pic of my other brutalistic cars when i have time later. so, do you like brutalistic as well? :)


Deformover Dygenguar

one parcel arrive from Japan today. a kit that i've been long waiting for - Deformover Dygenguar!

i first saw this kit last year when it was just a prototype. the moment i saw this kit i told my self i must have it! i like this kit very much. the design, metallic colour, weapon, all look awesome to me. :D
this kit is produce by MegaHouse and it cost 5,500yen, which approximately RM210. below are the box art.

below are some pic from gamu toys. more pics can be found in gamu toys - http://gamu-toys.info/sonota/sonota/dfo01/dfo01.html

will took more pic of this kit later when i took it out from the box.


Hotwheels 2009 TH - '55 Chevy

one of my favourite Hotwheels 2009 TH - '55 Chevy. i manage to get this 2 beautiful TH$ on the peg in one particular store. 2 cases of restock and both cases have a TH$. yay!

love the THICK white wall wheels of this car. note that the rear wheels is actually bigger than the front wheels.

a comparison between the reg TH with the TH$. from the glance of it, both the reg and $uper colour look almost the same. but the $uper is actually painted with spectraflame and it's a little bit darker than the reg colour.