Hotwheels Field Report - 02/06/2009

i stop by C4 Cheras on my way back home. in fact i have been doing this for almost 4 months everyday because i do not know how frequent this store restock their hotwheels. and i know since Oct 08 this store have not been receiving any new hw stock.

when i walk to the toy section, i saw a lot of new mattel box lying on the floor. however, i couldn't locate the box that contain hotwheels car. so i ask one of the staff that in charge in the toy section is there any new hotwheels stock? he straight away answer me yes got 2 boxes but no 'thunt'. i was like what? the staff know about thunt, this place must be doom.... then i start argue with him that every new box should have at least 1 thunt. but he keep insisting that no thunt this time. i was thinking if you already know what is thunt, then do you expect me to believe you that no thunt?

after a while, his co-worker bring out 2 boxes of already open and filtered stock. i physically count each of the car in both boxes and both box have only 71 cars. where is the missing 1 car? you go and figure out your self.

this C4 is selling hotwheels RM3.00 only. this price is actually for them to clear their old stock. but i guess they forget to change their system when the new stock arrive. also restock was the Disney Cartoon Cars series selling at RM10 per piece.

btw, i didn't buy anything from this store.... no mood to buy and being sick of qombee wave already...

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