Hotwheels Hunting Report - 30/05/2009 Part 2 (End)

continue from what i left over from part 1.

well i guess you already know why all the TH cards are in that box and not been displayed. yes, it's insider job. when i open the box, i was stunned as i totally didn't expect it will be all TH card.

btw, these are the cards in that 'treasure box'. deep in my heart i'm thinking how nice if there is a $uper 55 chevy in that box. haha. :p

oh ya, did i mention the name and location of the store?

it's Carrefour Ampang.


ShukzZz said...

spare me a 55 chevy please haha
nice haul~
and nice blog hehe
will add u up on my blogroll soon~


kuku said...

thanks zint. let me consider first ya. =)