Hot Wheels 2010 Larry, Phil, Wayne Garage Series (G Case)

another made in malaysia item that have to travel across the globe to reach malaysia. lol. this time is the Hot Wheels 2010 Larry, Phil, Wayne Garage Series (G Case)

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Ferrari 288 GTO - one of the main reason i bought the whole case. hehe.

41 Pro Mod Willys - one of my favourite casting.

Bone Shaker

School Busted - don't play-play this baby is heavy!

57 Chevy

64 Lincoln Continental

Neet Streeter - reminded me of 2009 TH$

8 Crate

Fish'd & Chip'd - wonder what does this car being name like this.... nevertheless it has a very nice tampo.

Custom 66 GTO Wagon - there's dog at the back of the car. hehe.

Rolling Thunder - it's a totally new casting and guess where does the car got its name. hehe. very nice gold thunder tampo.


Hot Wheels 2010 Larry, Phil, Wayne Garage Series Target Exclusive (2nd Colour)

manage to get my self the latest Hot Wheels 2010 Larry, Phil, Wayne Garage Series Target Exclusive 2nd colour cars a few week back.

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65 Volkswagen Fastback - the main attaction in this target exclusive release, and also the main reason for me to purchase this set of cars.

Custom 56 Ford Truck - love that sexy orange while wall wheels. quite a nice casting actually.

Custom 64 Galaxie 500 - not my favourite casting. maybe the wheels can be donor to my other cars. :p

i do have extra Custom 56 Ford Truck and Custom 64 Galaxie 500 for trade/sell. if you are interested, please drop me an email at kuku_misc @ yahoo.com.


Hot Wheels Speed Machines - Ferrari 599XX (Red)

if i have one word to describe this ferrari 599XX, it will be 'gorgeous'! don't you agree with me? :)

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head on with another gorgeous red.


Hot Wheels Speed Machines - Ferrari 599XX (Red), Corvette C6R (Red)

after searching for almost a month, finally manage to grab these 2 red cars that's highly sought after by almost all hot wheels collectors at the moment.

Ferrari 599XX (Red)
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this ferrari 599XX is totally awesome. a must have car for all hot wheels collectors! hopefully this casting will appear in basic car series in future.

Corvette C6R (Red)
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Hot Wheels Toys Story - 2010/05/19

saw some new hot wheels toy story 3 series cars today. and yes it's from my 'favourite' jusco again. lol.

only 4 cars available in this wave:
- Wheelin' Woodie
- Blastin' Buzz
- Little Green Speedster
- Rex Rider

Price @ RM16.90, i'll give it a pass for now. Plenty of it on the rack and please help your self. :p

oh ya they restock another carton of ratbomb wave again today. looks like hot wheels demand from this jusco is very high eh?

Hasbro Mighty Muggs - Wicket, Blank White

2 more mighty muggs added to my muggs collection.

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bought these 2 muggs from sogo department store last sunday. i wasn't actually hunting for these muggs but i can't resist them after i saw the discounted price. :D

wicket from the starwars series, and blank white from 'no series'. :p

click on the pic to see that interesting description that written on blank white mighty muggs. hehe.


Hot Wheels Production Code?

have you ever had this feeling when you saw the cars in hw rack but wasn't sure whether those hw car was from the new wave or from the old wave? well just flip over and find the the 3 characters code printed at the bottom of the cars. these 3 characters code can actually give you some clue.

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you'll notice the code started with an alphabet and followed by 2 numbers. well the alphabet actually represent the year the car was produced, and the 2 numbers represent the week number in that year the car was produced.

C09 = Year 2010, week number 09 in that year.
C05 = Year 2010, week number 05 in that year.
B18 = Year 2009, week number 18 in that year.
A33 = Year 2008, week number 33 in that year.

99.9% of the cars that came in the same wave will have the same code printed at the bottom of the car. for example the cars that came in gangster grin wave is C09, ratbomb wave is C06, chevroletor wave is C04, camaro wave is C01 and etc. the exception here is the TH$. if you have a chance to score TH$ on the rack, you'll notice the code for TH$ is actually earlier than the rest of the car that came in the same wave.

back to the first pic i posted above, the nerve hammer code C09 mean this car came in gangster grin wave. more example below:

stockar that came in 2010 chevroletor wave - C04.

VW fastback that came in 2008 drift king wave - A33.

the current gangster grin wave that hit our shore is C09. so the next wave that hit our shore will have the code number that's higher than C09, eg C10, C11 or C12 etc... this information is very usefull for me cause i do not actually remember all the cars that came in the wave. so if i wasn't so sure what cars that's hang on the rack (especially in 7E outlet :p ), i just flip the cars over and look at the bottom code.

this code mechanism only started in mid year 2008. so you'll see those cars that produce before mid year 2008 will have no code at the bottom of the cars. that's also explain why the code A is = 2008. :D

i hope you find this information usefull and happy hunting! :)


Hot Wheels New Wave - 2010/05/12

spotted new hot wheels wave today. this pic was taken at my 'favourite' jusco. lol. see anything that you interested?

just barely a week ago they restock, today they restock again with the new stock. that is why i say except for the thunt car, it's still not a bad place to hunt for other cars. hehe.

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anyway, these was the only cars i bought from that jusco. have to be very selective in buying nowdays cause each hot wheels basic cars cost almost same as one McD value meal!

Nerve Hammer and Scion XB. i can foresee these 2 will be highly sough after by hw collector in this wave.

Impavido and VW Scirocco GT 24

2010 Ford Shelby GT500 and 56 Ford F-100. notice any different between this 56 Ford F-100 with the earlier red colour release? yea this one doesn't come with the openable front hoot... oh common mattel you can do better than this...

spotted this huge pile of hot wheels "DDT" case as well today! wuhuu!!! i would be extremely happy if i spotted this in other department store/places. lol. but considering this pile is spotted at our ever famous mid valley TRU, i have totally lost my interest on finding what's inside those case. so i just took this pic and walk away. from my guessing it must be the latest hw wave that i spotted in jusco earlier.

so if you are looking for cars in the new hot wheels wave, perhaps it's a good idea to check out this TRU from time to time as the stock replenish to the rack.

oh btw, these new wave cars is 'C09', if you know what i mean. :)


A Parcel From Philippine!

received this parcel a few days ago. came all the way from the philipines!

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it's the 65 volkswagen fastback. :)

these 65 VW fastback are the 2010 Phil Garage Target Exclusive first colour. i'll take a more pic when i set loose one of this beauty. :)

many thanks to 'Brian' for trading these 2 beautiful VW fastback with me. it first started as a message on the blog chat box, and who knows 10 days later the items already arrived at my door steps! that was fast! i'm gratefull that he trusted me by sending the item to me first. i'll be sending my trade items to him tomorrow and hopefully it will arrive safely to him as well.

oh btw, many thanks for the free gift plymouth barracuda! :)