Hot Wheels 2010 Larry, Phil, Wayne Garage Series (G Case)

another made in malaysia item that have to travel across the globe to reach malaysia. lol. this time is the Hot Wheels 2010 Larry, Phil, Wayne Garage Series (G Case)

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Ferrari 288 GTO - one of the main reason i bought the whole case. hehe.

41 Pro Mod Willys - one of my favourite casting.

Bone Shaker

School Busted - don't play-play this baby is heavy!

57 Chevy

64 Lincoln Continental

Neet Streeter - reminded me of 2009 TH$

8 Crate

Fish'd & Chip'd - wonder what does this car being name like this.... nevertheless it has a very nice tampo.

Custom 66 GTO Wagon - there's dog at the back of the car. hehe.

Rolling Thunder - it's a totally new casting and guess where does the car got its name. hehe. very nice gold thunder tampo.


Danny said...

the 288 GTO is sweeet!! :D

danielh said...

all the cards are nice!! like that red GTO and that 41 pro mod willy must be heaviest of all.

ronnychee96 said...

very nice casting!!! Me wan the GTO...willy...fish n chip...!!
so..u did sing the "lady gaga" song ...again??? he he!! Congrats on getting those cars!!

kuku said...

danny - yes it is. :)

daniel - the heaviest is the school busted. hehe.

ronny - lady gaga song is only for TH$. :p i may have the willy and fish for sales. pm me in hwcm.

shaz @ kurz said...

i like that school busted!!!
naaak :P