Hot Wheels Toys Story - 2010/05/19

saw some new hot wheels toy story 3 series cars today. and yes it's from my 'favourite' jusco again. lol.

only 4 cars available in this wave:
- Wheelin' Woodie
- Blastin' Buzz
- Little Green Speedster
- Rex Rider

Price @ RM16.90, i'll give it a pass for now. Plenty of it on the rack and please help your self. :p

oh ya they restock another carton of ratbomb wave again today. looks like hot wheels demand from this jusco is very high eh?


saruman said...

looks like there's also a 10% off! :)

kuku said...

no discount yet. this jusco is a bit lazy one... they will stick the discount tag even though no discount at the moment. they say it's for 'future' sales.... =.=""

danielh said...

hmmmmm...i've expecting the price as same as the speed machine but maybe because of the royalties lisencing that makes the price higher a bit.

I'll give it a pass and concentrate on selected SM series.
Thanks for the info!

kuku said...

yes agree with you daniel SM series is much better.