2011 Hot Wheels Racing Kits Nissan Skyline

i saw in ebay today this cool loose nissan skyline which i never seen before.

picture from ebay bryanshotwheels

after some clicking here and there in the internet, i found out this skyline actually belong to latest new Hot Wheels Rasing Kit series that mattel is releasing this year.

picture from ebay biditwinit09

not sure whether this series will land later in our shore or not. i'm just wondering will this loose skyline available later in our flee market??? if yes then it will be great. if not then i guess the only way to get it will be from ebay again....


Maisto Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Gathering!

there was a secret maisto mitsubishi lancer evolution gathering in one of the department store today. 4 different kind of maisto lancer evo casting, 5 different colours. :p

it's not very usual to see so many different kind of maisto lancer evolution casting hang on the rack. i didn't bought any of those, but i'm sure this sight will not last long. :-)

i wonder why the Custom Shop series evo on the left (which is smaller size RM19.90) is more expensive than the Fifty5's series evo on the right (which is bigger size RM17.90).

to me i think the Fifty5's series look much better than the Custom Shop series.


Parcel from Ebay - 2011/01/11

it has been a while since i last update my blog. been very busy with family and work recently. anyway, i received this belated christmas present a few days ago. a parcel from ebay that i've been anticipating since last year. :p

can you guess what are those cars?

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2007 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt - Nissan Skyline.

2007 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt - Enzo Ferrari.

2008 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt - Dodge Challenger Funny Car.

2010 Hot Wheels Classic Series - School Busted (Pink).

love all of em! :)