Parcel from Ebay - 2011/01/11

it has been a while since i last update my blog. been very busy with family and work recently. anyway, i received this belated christmas present a few days ago. a parcel from ebay that i've been anticipating since last year. :p

can you guess what are those cars?

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2007 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt - Nissan Skyline.

2007 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt - Enzo Ferrari.

2008 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt - Dodge Challenger Funny Car.

2010 Hot Wheels Classic Series - School Busted (Pink).

love all of em! :)


Danny said...

warrggghhh!! all are nice cars!! especially the skyline.. :D

kuku said...

yes that skyline is the most beautiful TH i've seen so far. :D

shaz @ kurz said...

fuu syiok!!!

kuku said...

syiok giler. :p

Sérgio said...

Enzo Ferrari, Skyline, Challenge Funny Car and 55 Chevy?!

kuku said...

Sergio - you got the first 3 answer correct. the last one is not 55 chevy. click on the link "click to show more....." to see the answer. :)