Matchbox Latest Cartoon 5 Cars Set

i bought these colourful matchbox cartoon 5 cars set few days ago from tesco hypermarket.

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click on individual pic to see it in bigger size.

Batman - The Brave And The Bold

Disney - Mickey Mouse Club House

Disney - Winnie The Pooh, Peter Pan, Jungle Book, Dumbo, Lilo & Stitch

Disney - Handy Manny

Nickelodeon - Diego, Dora The Explorer, Wonder Pets, Blue's Clue, Sponge Bob

part of the reason i bought these is because my kid love to watch these cartoon series. so these cars is actually for them rather than me. plus, with 30% discount off from it's normal retail price RM44.90, i think it's worth the money. :)


Danny said...

I SEE SPONGEBOB!! soooo cutteeee!! :P

shaz @ kurz said...

lucky im not the father or the kids might ended up cannot play them cuz i will think back n keep these all instead! hahaha XD

kuku said...

danny - most of them are cute. :-)

kurz - lol. i'll make sure the kid play and keep it nicely. hehe.