Hot Wheels 2010 Dark Prince Mobile!

after a few weeks searching, finally manage to locate this very elusive 2010 hot wheels batmobile. :D

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below are some of the cars that came together with this batmobile wave. there some other nice cars that came together in this wave but just bought the cars that i like.

notice the batmobile graphic colour difference on the card? the left one has lighter colour and the right one has darker colour.

now you see,

now you don't!

it feel much better to set the car loose and play with it. :p


saruman said...


kown said...

vroooommm..vrooommm..get ready to catch joker..hahaaa

kuku said...

saruman - thanks!

kown - yes the 'green' joker. :p

shaz @ kurz said...

cun cun..sharpen the ears in front to be like on the card..heheh