New wave New wave yay!

wuhuuu!!! found new wave hot wheels case!

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a lot of new and nice cars. these are some of the cars that i bought from that case.

and get prepared with my ultimate haul from that 3 cases. jeng jeng jeng!
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i bet you are thinking that it's gonna be a treasure hunt car, right? lol. well as long as you like the cars, an ultimate haul doesn't need to be treasure hunt car. this ferrari 458 italia is my most wanted 2010 basic cars. i'm so glad finally it arrived at our shore.

enjoy some pic of this red hot chili!


danielh said...

congrats on the latest haul and wave.
so many nice car here.
had to go out hunting again!!!

shaz @ kurz said...

wah 3 kotak ni je ke? heheh :P

kuku said...

danieh - yes it's hunting season again. :)

kurz - nak aku tunjuk semua ke? :p

GadgetFreQ said...

Tunjuk semua laaaa...arghhhh fellaliii 458. For me i don;t really care if its T-hunt or not...kalau cun ok jer. Balik ni nak pergi Giant Connaught....

kuku said...

yes that's the spirit. just collect the cars you like. thunt is just a bonus. :-)

kown said...

giant connaught??..too late..other collectors sudah amik..
anyway nice hauls kuku.. ;) evo X??

GadgetFreQ said...

Didn't mind at all, Kown. I got Lambo Superleggera 2011 . I'm not the T-Hunt type. I just haul basic car only.

kuku said...

kown - green evo x? bayang pun tak nampak. =.="

gadgetfreq - i'm impressed. i don't even have that superleggera yet. :D