Finally, my first hot wheels 2011 treasure hunt...

after missing the new wave in a few places here and there, finally manage catch my first hot wheels 2011 treasure hunts car - studebaker avanti.

click on below to see some of the cars that came in this wave.

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there are a lot of nice cars in this wave, but i just pickup some of the cars i like.

here is the close up pic of the treasure hunts car - studebaker avanti.

i really don't understand how mattel decide what are the cars that should appear in treasure hunt series each year. but if you ask me, this is an ugly car. lol. unless it's a super treasure hunts, i guess the next time i saw it again high chances i'll just leave it there...


Danny said...

whoa, everyone's been getting their hands on the 2011 cards. u even got the T-Hunt! im not so lucky... :( anyway, congrats bro! :)

Sérgio said...

This year I'm luckier than you:
4 '57 Chevy TH$
2 '57 Chevy Normal
1 '58 Chevy Impala TH$
7 '58 Chevy Impala Normal
1 Studebaker Avanti Normal


But I still don't have found so many gtx-1 XD lol!

kown said...

congrats on ur 1st TH2011 ;) if u want leave it that TH bought for me lol

kuku said...

danny - don't worry bro i'm sure later you'll find them just like the blue evo. hehe.

sergio - lol. that's lot of TH you got there. interested to trade your TH$ 57 chevy? i'm looking for this TH$ 57 chevy. :D

kown - aiya bro you no need me to hunt for you la. i'm sure you will be able land it your self. :)

Danny said...

haha, let's hope u're right. :D

Sérgio said...

Kuku - I'd trade with you with pleasure but I'm from Portugal! The shipping cost more than the '57 Chevy TH$! Lol

kuku said...

sergio - didn't know that you are from so far away. anyway thanks for visiting my blog. :)