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nothing much, some of the pic that i took past few weeks while looking out for new hot wheels wave.

can't believe that still can find CP at this point of time...

some traces or rat and ghost. still can't find the mother of all rat. :p

new product from maisto - Fithty5 Custom Shop. i'm very impress with the its wheels and infact i think it's much better than all hot wheels rubber wheels that i've seen. too bad my camera can't take a proper close up shoot of it. very tempted to buy them but i guess i'll wait for discount first. :p


Jusco Mahkota Cheras

today is the opening day of new AEON shopping mall in Mahkota Cheras. i took some time off this morning to be there before the opening time @ 10am hoping to grab some new hw speed machine at discounted price. hehe. lot's of people gathered at the main enterance waiting for it to open but everything is under control.

when the door finally opened, can see everybody (mostly are uncle and aunties) rushing into the building as like there where free gift to be grabbed. lol. i just walk slowly into the building but headed straight to the toy department.

when i arrive at hot wheels section, i meet one collector (which i kown) that arrive just a few second earlier than me. he is the first one to arrive at the rack. after greeting him i ask him did he found any th cards? as i expected even before i steps into this jusco, there where no th cards to be found hang on the rack. a new open store, all new and fresh stock, but no th cards to be found? great! another doom jusco... anyway i'm kind of expected this already so i wasn't really surprise. i proceed to check the speed machines series but to my disapointment there were no new wave as well.

before i left, i saw 2 more collectors comming to the hw section, one of the guy was carrying MyNews plasctic bags and there were reg th ford woodie, 2 morris mini plus some others hw cars (he took out and show to another person). hmm why didn't i think of (heading to MyNews) that earlier ? :p

anyway, i just stay there about 15 minutes and left without buying anything. i think i'm the first one who leave the car park though. lol.

oh btw, to that hw collector that first arrive at the hw rack which i meet, thanks for offering me to share the Matchbox red London Bus. i really appreciate your kindness (eventhough i didn't take the offer). :)


Turtle Wax Car?

this car was given to me as a gift from a friend. can you guess what is the brand of this car? hotwheels? greenlight? maisto?

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even though i do not know anything about nascar, but i always get attracted to the colourful racing tampo on the their racing cars. i guess the popularity of nascar in US must be like F1 in asia/europe? anyway, enjoy the pic.

this car reminded me on the recently release stockcar from hotwheels. i just have to take the pic of the two together. :)

head on with its brother from hotwheels. :p

so now back to my earlier question - what brand does this turtle wax car came from? see below pic for answer. :)


Hot Wheels 2008 Dairy Delivery (KMART Mail In)

another beautiful dairy delivery added to my hw collection. awesome colour combination, awesome tampo, and i'm a happy man now. :D

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enjoy the pic!

my 56 Chevy Nomad has a partner now. hehe.


Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series - Convoy Custom (Yellow/Orange)

another convoy custom that added into my collections. this time is the one from hot wheels delivery slick rides series. awesome colour, awesome casting, enjoy the pics!

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click on the pic to see it in bigger size.

all nice thing must come in 2! :p

clash of the titan!

and, a convoy parade! :D


Hot Wheels 2010 - Nissan 370Z (Yellow), Ferrari F430 Challenge (Yellow)

2 of the most sought after car in this year ratbomb wave - Nissan 370Z and Ferrari F430 Challenge.

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enjoy the pics!


Hot Wheels 2010 Treasure Hunts - Chevroletor

a closer look on the TH$ Chevroletor.

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comparison between the regular and super chevroletor.

other than the wheels, the base dark red colour of this TH$ is painted in spectraflame. however, the flame pattern on top of the dark red is the same as the regular version. click on individual pic to view the bigger size pic.

4 2010 TH$ down, 8 more to go. hopefully i can complete all of the TH$ this year.


Che........vro........le........tor$ !

YES!!! this is exactly what i shout deep in my heart when i found this th$ chevorletor. and the next thing that i can think of is that lady gaga song again. lol.

this th$ chevroletor is not just right place and right time, but it's all about 99% hard work and 1% luck. i'm so glad the hard work finally paid off!

stay tune for more pic!


Traces Of Rat and Ghost!

can you see the traces of rat?? hehe. yea stumble upon this new restock of ratbomb wave in jusco maluri today.

the best thing about this jusco is everytime they restock, for sure you will not find the TH on the rack except for those overloaded TH like 2008 qombee. lol. infact there was a mattel consigment staff working in this jusco toy department, so what can you expect?

anyway, this got to be the best deal in town - buy 3 ghost and free 1 camaro! :D

since we're in the field report topic, i have a short story to tell. hehe.

i was in one of the hypermarket yesterday evening and i stumble upon a guy (which in his early 30s) that's browsing through the hw rack which just recently restock with ratbomb wave. i walk pass him but i still hang around in toy section to see other toys. then i heard he is asking one of the staff there is there anymore hw that's not being display yet. and that staff lead him to a another lady staff which i think in charge of the toy section. at first it's all cool because sometime we did the same thing asking the staff is there anymore stock. but it's not cool anymore when he start giving his phone number to that lady staff! i was like WT... this kind of collecter are the one that really spoil the fun of hunting of other collector. i really felt dissapointed and disgusted..... and guess what, i saw this same collector again in jusco maluri today. =.=""

****** Updated 09/04/2010 ******

this one specially dedicated to the guy that i mention above leaving his phone number with the staff in the hypermarket. found it in the same hypermaket after you leave your phone number dude! move your lazy @$$ and go hunting! don't just layback relax waiting for sms and phone call! d-.-b