Che........vro........le........tor$ !

YES!!! this is exactly what i shout deep in my heart when i found this th$ chevorletor. and the next thing that i can think of is that lady gaga song again. lol.

this th$ chevroletor is not just right place and right time, but it's all about 99% hard work and 1% luck. i'm so glad the hard work finally paid off!

stay tune for more pic!



kuku congrats on your find. Nice work. I am still searching for that and I understand the hardwork as well :)

Rafys78 said...

Kudos! & Congrats!.
*sniff*...I know the feeling.

kuku said...

py - thanks bro. i almost give up on this TH$ actually but thank god for giving me that very important 1% that i needed most. :D. good luck and hopefully you find one too. :)

rafys - thanks bro. yes i know you do. :D

ronnychee96 said...

Congrats bro!! Jus can only envy & drooling each time i saw ur new hauls!!!
Me too..will sing that lady gaga song if i can score any $uper..jus like u!! He he!!

kuku said...

thanks ronny. now u mention that song i can't get rid of it from my head already... :p

danielh said...

nice haul kuku! yes your hard work did reward your a TH$!!!!congrats!