Jusco Mahkota Cheras

today is the opening day of new AEON shopping mall in Mahkota Cheras. i took some time off this morning to be there before the opening time @ 10am hoping to grab some new hw speed machine at discounted price. hehe. lot's of people gathered at the main enterance waiting for it to open but everything is under control.

when the door finally opened, can see everybody (mostly are uncle and aunties) rushing into the building as like there where free gift to be grabbed. lol. i just walk slowly into the building but headed straight to the toy department.

when i arrive at hot wheels section, i meet one collector (which i kown) that arrive just a few second earlier than me. he is the first one to arrive at the rack. after greeting him i ask him did he found any th cards? as i expected even before i steps into this jusco, there where no th cards to be found hang on the rack. a new open store, all new and fresh stock, but no th cards to be found? great! another doom jusco... anyway i'm kind of expected this already so i wasn't really surprise. i proceed to check the speed machines series but to my disapointment there were no new wave as well.

before i left, i saw 2 more collectors comming to the hw section, one of the guy was carrying MyNews plasctic bags and there were reg th ford woodie, 2 morris mini plus some others hw cars (he took out and show to another person). hmm why didn't i think of (heading to MyNews) that earlier ? :p

anyway, i just stay there about 15 minutes and left without buying anything. i think i'm the first one who leave the car park though. lol.

oh btw, to that hw collector that first arrive at the hw rack which i meet, thanks for offering me to share the Matchbox red London Bus. i really appreciate your kindness (eventhough i didn't take the offer). :)


ronnychee96 said...

demm!! 1st day open ceremony....and no greenies ..at all??? Hmm! Maybe those insider get the earlier invation on preview on the new open outlets b4 u!!! he he !!

kuku said...

i kind of expected that already. because i know jusco have this practise where they will ask the current staff from other outlet to train the new staff in the new outlet. so guess what the old staff tell the new staff? it's obvious...

danielh said...

hmmm, as expected. I thought of taking a day off to come over but changed my mind.
Agreed with you kuku, brand new store but some "experience" staff are still there and the rest are history.
No worries, on the other side, we still can hunt those TH elsewhere.

kuku said...

actually TH is my last concern in jusco. i just want to highlight this for other collector awareness so that they don't 'buta-buta' hunt like crazy and hopping to land the 'greenmine' there.. hehe.