Here come the Rat!

here you go, hot wheels ratbomb wave is officially in town!

more pics below.

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i wasn't really expecting a new wave cause most of the department store and hypermarket has just restock with camaro or chevrolater wave. but, i aint complaining. :p

below are some of the cars that came in this wave.

Ferrari F430 Challenge and Nissan 370Z

i just notice there's an 'additional part' in the blister. =.="

the rear of this car is screaming for detail! come on mattel you can do better than this....

Beadbox and 55 Chevy Bel Air

Stockcar and Rapid Response

Bad Bagger and OCC Splitback

Ratbomb Treasure Hunt.

the 'ratbomb' word was printed at the back of this car.

some of the cars that came in this wave is repeative of chevrolator wave eg. bone shaker, saleen S7, citroen and corvette stingray. btw, this wave is C06. (if you know what i mean) :)


Rafys78 said...

Kat mana??

shaz @ kurz said...


kuku said...
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kuku said...

rafys - kat hypermarket. :)

saruman said...

I have stop hunting.. so I don't care.. (NOT! Hahahaahahah..)

kuku said...

370Z is one of the must get hw this year. :)

danielh said...

nice catch! i see the new ratbomb wave already here. Time for some catching and hunting now..hehe!

btw, thanks for the RAOK kuku.

kuku said...

thanks daniel. that raok is small matter la. :)