Turtle Wax Car?

this car was given to me as a gift from a friend. can you guess what is the brand of this car? hotwheels? greenlight? maisto?

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even though i do not know anything about nascar, but i always get attracted to the colourful racing tampo on the their racing cars. i guess the popularity of nascar in US must be like F1 in asia/europe? anyway, enjoy the pic.

this car reminded me on the recently release stockcar from hotwheels. i just have to take the pic of the two together. :)

head on with its brother from hotwheels. :p

so now back to my earlier question - what brand does this turtle wax car came from? see below pic for answer. :)


danielh said...

wow! very nice tempos from this Racing Champions and to be precise, it's much better than the hotwheels!
Nice pictures kuku!

ronnychee96 said...

love those tempo!!! Is it rubber tires???

kuku said...

daniel - thanks! yes the racing champion tampo is much better and more detail than the hw one. but i think it's not the same category as hw basic car, more like in the same category as hw speed machines.

ronny - not it's not. but imo it's tyre is much better than hw co-mold.

Danny said...

the details from racing champion are amazing! i like the tampo and the wheels! :D