Hot Wheels 2010 Treasure Hunts - Chevroletor

a closer look on the TH$ Chevroletor.

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comparison between the regular and super chevroletor.

other than the wheels, the base dark red colour of this TH$ is painted in spectraflame. however, the flame pattern on top of the dark red is the same as the regular version. click on individual pic to view the bigger size pic.

4 2010 TH$ down, 8 more to go. hopefully i can complete all of the TH$ this year.


ronnychee96 said...

dayum nice!!!

kuku said...

thanks bro and yes is nice indeed. :)

saruman said...

cool... looks like I have to work harder for them THs!!!

kuku said...

no pain no gain. :)

danielh said...

nice TH$!! the red line rubber wheels really stand out!