Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series - Convoy Custom (Yellow/Orange)

another convoy custom that added into my collections. this time is the one from hot wheels delivery slick rides series. awesome colour, awesome casting, enjoy the pics!

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click on the pic to see it in bigger size.

all nice thing must come in 2! :p

clash of the titan!

and, a convoy parade! :D


ronnychee96 said...

fuyoh!!!! Demm nicelah..bro!! U loose all??? I wan one!! he he!!

kuku said...

all nice thing must set it loose! hehehe. you want 4 also can. right click, save picture as. :p

MatchBox said...

kekeke.. i also want one.. so nice.... saved ur photos oledi.. keke :P

kuku said...

thanks for dropping by matchbox. :)

danielh said...

nice convoy! i like it!

kuku said...

thanks daniel.