Hot Wheels 2008 Dairy Delivery (KMART Mail In)

another beautiful dairy delivery added to my hw collection. awesome colour combination, awesome tampo, and i'm a happy man now. :D

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enjoy the pic!

my 56 Chevy Nomad has a partner now. hehe.


ronnychee96 said...

Nice one ....kukubeh!!! Love those tempo!!! Ur haul always make me so jelas lah!! He he he!!
I wan one of this too....BUT not the PICS!!!!! kekekek!!

~MaV3riCk cH3n~ said...

super cool DD!!! i love it toooo :)

kuku said...

ronny - lol. no need jeles la, you have something that i also jeles. :p

maverick - thanks for your comment and thanks for dopping by too.

danielh said...

the side tempos of hotwheels is enough to get me drooling over it!

kuku said...

daniel - yea how nice if other hw basic car can have this cool tampo too.