Bandai - SDX Superior Dragon

lets take a break from miniature car shall we. :p bought this SDX superior dragon gundam quite sometime ago from one of our local toy shop.

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i don't have space to display this item yet so i didn't take it out from the box.

below pic are taken from http://tamashii.jp/item/item.php?eid=01162.

transformed into dragon. it is ugly imo. lol.

the flame sword that only came with the first batch release. that's the white box that attached on side you see in the first pic. it's really an awesome piece of sword.

say cheeeeeese!!

all the additional accessory that came together in the box.

overall a very nice mecha but not really my favourite SDX. but since i wanted to collect all the SDX series so i just can't left this behind. :)


saruman said...

Cool! didn't know u r into gundam! :)

Rafys78 said...

Never could understand Super Deforms (probably afraid I'll start collecting them), but a cool toy none the less.

Ssssaruman, you should join usssss. Get into gunpla/gundam, it'ssss fun.

saruman said...

don't have time to assemble them... too bz playing FFXIII!!

kuku said...

saruman - i started with gundam first then only to hot wheels and other toys. hehe.

rafys - super deform is cute, easy to display and also keep! :D