Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (F Case)

another hot wheels case arrived to my door step this month - delivery slick rides F case.

updated with for more pics.

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all the cars/truck in the F case.

some of the cars/trucks in F case is repeative of E case which i have posted before so i won't be showing its individual pic again in here.

Hiway Hauler - the rarest casting in the slick rides series. only appear in the F case and only 1 pcs available. even more rare than the convoy custom. but rare doesn't mean that it's popular. hehe.

Super Van

Baja Breaker - look at those monster big and thick wheels!

Custom 69 Chevy Pick Up

Ice Cream Truck

32 Ford Sedan Delivery


danielh said...

nice !! i see VW, is it dragtruck??

ronnychee96 said...

Wah!! Another bunch of nice cars !! Btw...That VW...i think is Samba Van..right??

kuku said...

it's not dragtruck nor samba van bros, it's the Volkswagen Deluxe. :) more pic is up.