Hot Wheels Speed Machines - 2009 Nissan GT-R SpecV (Maron)

grab this in 7E recently.

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generally GTR is one of my favourite casting. but somehow i felt there is something wrong with this speed machine GTR SpecV. the wheels, colour, casting, something is just not right....

now i'm wondering why did i bought it in the first place... =.=""


ronnychee96 said...

This Casting really nice! Got myself one too!!

Rafys78 said...

I thought it was extinct!
This is a keeper.
Question : to keep MISB or loose?

kuku said...

ronny - thanks for dropping by. :)

rafys - yea it's relatively hard to find cause only got 1 in each case. but still can find in those 'not so obvious' 7E.
i'll definetely loose it later. it just that i don't have the time to take proper pic of the car in loose form so i keep it MISB first.

danielh said...

this casting is nice and quite a few seen hanging on the pegs.Shall i get another to loose it?