Hot Wheels 2011 Treasure Hunt - 57 Chevy (Ebay)

i came across a couple of ebay listing for Hot Wheels 2011 Treasure Hunt 57 Chevy which i tought it's fun to share here.

guess what is the bidding price now for this regular and super treasure hunt 57 chevy? (picture by dougfuball1)

checkout the bidding price fo this item -> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290481516365&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT

and another one. guess what is the bidding price for this error reg treasure hunt chevy? (picture by dougfuball1)

check it out -> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290481532546&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT

this is my reaction -> @.@" lol. well i hope i'm able to find this treasure hunt car when the wave hit our shore. oh, make sure you check out the final bidding price ya cause the auction is only ending in another 3 days. hehehe.


My short business trip haul - 2010/09/26

i was in taipei for a very short business trip last week. just manage sneak into the Sogo department store in the city and this is what i bought from there. was surprise to found the DD hanging on the rack. DD is not taipei hot wheels collector cup of tea? hehe.

hot wheels is selling about RM7.50 there. the star wars lego was about RM50 compare to RM109.90 in malaysia. :D
bought this custom beetle because it has openable rear hood which is kind of rare and hard to find variation in malaysia.

and these 2 is what i like the most among my haul - takara tomy pete custom garage DM-19 and DM-20. :)


Hot Wheels 2011 Treasure Hunt - 57 Chevy

ok it's official, 57 chevy will be one of the hot wheels treasure hunt cars in year 2011.

source from t-hunted. http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/2010/09/lote-2011-nos-eua.html

some of the 2011 hot wheels car has been release in US and already make their appearance in ebay. we shall see more of it in coming near future.


Maisto Fresh Metal - BMW X6

i got this car quite sometime ago when tesco was selling it @ RM2.90 during the promotion.

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i was really attracted to the detail of this cars. it has so much of details, plus the tampo are neetly and nicely printed on the car. this easily put on shame to some of the more expensive and sloopy tampo of hot wheels cars.

click on the individual pic to see the pic in bigger size to appreciate the detail that maisto has put into this casting. :)

see the comparison between the real cars. the real cars Photos Copyright ©2008 Dan Roth / Weblogs, Inc.

maisto has done a really good job on this casting which in my opinion is almost 95% accurate compare to the actual car it self. i must say i'm really impressed!

so next time while you are hunting for hot wheels cars, make sure you slow down your footstep and take a look at some of these maisto cars as well. some of the casting are beautiful and really worth every penny you spend on them. :)


Hot Wheels Drag Strip Demons

hot wheels drag strip demons series was release at end of 2008 for the year 2009. 30 casting was release in 2009, and another 25 casting will be release this year.

i have been slowly collecting these fire breathing monsters through out some months already. below are some of the drag strip demons cars that i have at the moment:

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click on individual pic to see close up pic of the cars.

70 Dodge Challenger F/C - All Star Dodge

70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car

Pisano & Matsubara 74 Vega

Mongoose McEwen English Leather Corvette

70 Camaro F/C - Steve Nicols Mill Road Boys Camaro

George Doty 71 Mustang

70 Camaro Funny Car

"Snake" Prudhomme's Black Snake Cuda

Don Prudhomme's Army Snake Cuda

70 Dodge Challenger F/C - Code Red

Ramchargers Challenger

69 Dodge Charger F/C - Shakey Situation

64 Ford Thunderbolt

Sox & Martin Super Stock Barracuda

Mike Zarnock's Altered Roadster

Beebe $ Mulligan Front Engine Fuel Dragster

Wilshire Shaker Match Bash Nova

Dave Strickler's 65 Coronet A/FX

i fell in love the first time i saw these cars series a couple of months ago. huge wheels, real riders tyres, authentic tampo, metal body and chassis, what else can you ask more? :p oh did i mention most of them are heavier than hot wheels dairy delivery truck? :D

these are all i have for the time being. certainly more will come in future and hopefully i'm able to complete the whole collection of this series.


Hot Wheels Speed Machines - Ford Shelby GR-1 (Blue), Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept (Grey)

recently there was another new hot wheels speed machines series wave that hitting our shore. well it might be new wave but all of the cars that came in this new wave are repeating of the previous wave that has been landed in our shore before, except the grey Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept.

except the colour and wheels, did you see any differences between the Ford Shelby GR-1 and Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept? i don't see any differences... =.=""

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initially from the glance of it, i didn't find anything special on this car. but upon closer look, the cars seems like painted in spectraflame paint (similiar to those paint use for TH$ cars) which given some shining look when it reflected the light at certain angle. well i might be wrong though, but at least it did convince me to fork out RM15 for it. :p

some of the errors cars that i bought from this new wave. can you spot the error? hehe.

also bought is this hot wheels colour shifter Piranna Patrol Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. i wish it was difference colour intead of yellow in room tempreture. because earlier on there's already another version of this casting that's in yellow colour in room tempreture.


Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (Q Case)

it has been a while since i last bought the Delivery Slick Rides series cars. and today the postman delivered to me one of the parcel that i've been anticipating since few weeks ago - Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (Q Case)

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this is what came in the Q case.

Convoy Custom - the 2nd colour in delivery slick rides series, also the main reason for me getting this case.

Dairy Delivery - everybody favourite, also the 2nd colour in this series.

Custome 69 Volkswagen Variant - this is the first time this casting appear in hot wheels. a little bit small in size but it's still a very pretty casting.

49 Ford COE - another casting that i feel in love when i first saw it. :D

64 GMC Panel - one of the 'heavyweight' in among the car. but too bad the back of this car can't be opened like the 55 Chevy Panel.

66 Dodge A100 - another cute van that i like.

Deco Delivery - the cousin of dairy delivery. :p

Double Demon Delivery - look at those sexy wheels!

8 Crate - one of my favourite casting.

72 Ford Ranchero

29 Ford Pickup - potential to be my other cars wheels donor. :p

well i have put up some of the cars for sales in Low Yat forum - http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?act=ST&f=218&t=1433350&st=0

drop me a message there if you are interested.