Hot Wheels Haul - 20010/08/30

this is what i bought the other day from that hypermarket. so happy finally got the copper ferrari gto that i've been searching high and low. :D

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Surfin School Bus and Cabbin Fever

Ferrari GTO and Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

the matt copper colour really look stunning on this ferrari gto.


Danny said...

i want the skylineeee!!! :p really nice haul bro!

kuku said...

why everybody want that skyline but not the gto? hehe. :p. thanks danny. :)

danielh said...

i like that orange chrome GTO! still searching for it, any idea where i can get it?

Kin said...

Hi Kuku,

Hotwheel nowaday quality keep improving & it nice to collect such beautiful cars.

" Nice Collection".


kuku said...

danielh - i've been searching for it for more than a year! luckily manage to find it.

kin - thanks!