Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (Q Case)

it has been a while since i last bought the Delivery Slick Rides series cars. and today the postman delivered to me one of the parcel that i've been anticipating since few weeks ago - Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (Q Case)

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this is what came in the Q case.

Convoy Custom - the 2nd colour in delivery slick rides series, also the main reason for me getting this case.

Dairy Delivery - everybody favourite, also the 2nd colour in this series.

Custome 69 Volkswagen Variant - this is the first time this casting appear in hot wheels. a little bit small in size but it's still a very pretty casting.

49 Ford COE - another casting that i feel in love when i first saw it. :D

64 GMC Panel - one of the 'heavyweight' in among the car. but too bad the back of this car can't be opened like the 55 Chevy Panel.

66 Dodge A100 - another cute van that i like.

Deco Delivery - the cousin of dairy delivery. :p

Double Demon Delivery - look at those sexy wheels!

8 Crate - one of my favourite casting.

72 Ford Ranchero

29 Ford Pickup - potential to be my other cars wheels donor. :p

well i have put up some of the cars for sales in Low Yat forum - http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?act=ST&f=218&t=1433350&st=0

drop me a message there if you are interested.


shaz @ kurz said...

the cars in this case are all good!

shaz @ kurz said...

btw Custome 69 Volkswagen Variant is beautiful
1st time see that set of wheels!

ONeS said...

Superb haul bro...ada extra DD to let go x hehe

kuku said...

kurz - yea the custom 69 VW Variant is nice. my only complaint is it's too small. =.="

ones - sorry bro DD macam pisang goreng... dah takde extra...