Hot Wheels Yellow Ferrari 599XX and 2011 T-Hunts.

i saw this new hot wheels yellow ferrari 599XX from speed machines series on the net which i just have to share it here! :D

look at this awesome cars. simply the best casting in speed machine series. i don't mind buying 10 pcs of this beauty when it's availale here. Picture credit to t-hunted. More info can be found in t-hunted blog - http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/2010/08/lambo-countach-na-speed-machines.html

also rumour says that these will be the t-hunts cars for year 2011? just wait and time will tell.

Picture credit to t-hunted. More info can be found in t-hunted blog - http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/2010/08/minis-e-t-hunts-de-2011.html


Danny said...

The yellow 599XX looks absolutely gorgeous!! maybe not as pretty as the red one, but still pretty nevertheless. :D

danielh said...

yes, that 599xx yellow are gorgeous! must buy items to pair it with the earlier read color 599xx.

and that new TH looks very exciting, can't wait to see the real car!

kuku said...

danny - somehow i felt this yellow one more pretty than the red. :D

danieh - must buy many pair! haha. i was hoping next yeat thunt will have nissan z or evo x or a ferrari! very bored with the classic or muscle car already... =.="

Danny said...

hmm, maybe u're right. need to see the real car first before can decide. cos the last time it was the same with the red 599XX, looks pretty in pics, but even better in metal. :p

Kin said...

Hi kuku,
Nice yellow Ferari 599XX.Wish i got one also but in hotwheel 1:43 Red.


Kin said...

Yeah!!! Is that a cadilac "American Classic ".Looks stuning.
Forgive me because i'm not familiar with American classic.But they are great.

Keep on the good work.


shaz @ kurz said...

i will still just collect red..hehe

kuku said...

kin - don't worry i'm equally bad with you in american classic or muscle car. hehe.

kurz - lol. don't regret later!. :D