My short business trip haul - 2010/09/26

i was in taipei for a very short business trip last week. just manage sneak into the Sogo department store in the city and this is what i bought from there. was surprise to found the DD hanging on the rack. DD is not taipei hot wheels collector cup of tea? hehe.

hot wheels is selling about RM7.50 there. the star wars lego was about RM50 compare to RM109.90 in malaysia. :D
bought this custom beetle because it has openable rear hood which is kind of rare and hard to find variation in malaysia.

and these 2 is what i like the most among my haul - takara tomy pete custom garage DM-19 and DM-20. :)


danielh said...

it's nice to know how's the hotwheels retails in taipei and i believe you can still find other rares hw's there.

that custom beetle are rare find!!!

saruman said...

wow! Lotso Speed is out in Taipei! Not here yet in Malaysia....

kuku said...

daniel - hopefully can find some $th in my next visit there. :p

saruman - i saw that Lotso Speed in the toys shop at KLIA too. i guess it will widely available in our store soon.